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November 4, 2013

I struggle when it comes to organizing my things. With so many products in stores aimed at getting your home organized, I thought it was going to be practically impossible to get organized without spending money on these miracle gadgets. Fortunately, I found that it’s easy to organize without all those tools, or just incorporating items already in the home. Here are a couple ways you can organize your dresser drawers and closets for free.

File Your Clothes

When it comes to organizing your tees, shorts, sweats, and underwear, filing is the way to go. How does it work? I was reading an article in XOJane that introduced clothes filing to me. It looked so organized and simple I had to give it a try. It was very simple and only took me 30 minutes to reorganize my husband’s entire chest of drawers.

The thing I love about clothes filing is the mess-less removal. When you stack items in a drawer, you can’t see them. This means that you have to search for an item by moving around other clothing in the stacks. A nice organized person would gently remove each item and restack. Not me. I frantically search for the item and everything is unfolded in the process. With clothes filing this is not an issue. I can see everything and remove the piece I want without disturbing any other shirt.

So how does this magical process work? Simply fold all the clothes into nice and neat squares and then stack them vertically. Howdini has a great YouTube video outlining exactly how to fold and file your clothes with ease.

Hang Your Shoes

Our front closet was where shoes went to die. Seriously, it needed help. I didn’t know where to begin. I have a small shelving unit that houses 12 pairs of shoes in one corner, but that wasn’t nearly enough. After the shoe unit was full, shoes would be stacked on top, then on the side, then in front of those, then on top. It was anything but organized. Sadly shoes started seeping out of the closet and into the entryway. It was time to re-evaluate.

I saw a pin on Pinterest outlining how to hang shoes using an old metal clothes hanger. I had dozens of extra metal clothes hangers and plenty of hanging space in the closet so I decided to give it a shot. It was incredibly simple and allows the shoes to be matched in pairs and hung on a standard closet rod. To make the individual shoe hanger all you will need is wire cutters and a metal clothes hanger. Simply clip the bottom portion of the clothes hanger off and curl each end up. This creates “hooks” on each end to hang your pair of shoes.

My entryway closet and bedroom drawers have never looked better and it didn’t cost me a dime! To do both projects it took approximately one hour and was well worth the small amount of effort. What tips do you have for organizing without spending any money?

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