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Gathering Motivation From a Vision Board

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August 3, 2017

Do you want to add some motivation and focus to your life? Why not create a vision board?

Vision boards (sometimes called “wish boards) are a visual representation of your dreams and goals for your life. People make vision boards for a variety of reasons. Some want a clear picture for their future. Others want to be able to focus on specific goals and bring them to reality.

When you create a vision board and look at it every day, it helps you gain clarity and focus.  Olympic athletes, authors, and entrepreneurs often use vision boards as a tool to help them shape their futures by envisioning their lives in a new way.

While some psychologists say vision boards are worthless, others believe they help people focus on creating the future they wish to achieve—and the path to get them there. You don’t just put a dream car on your board and expect the keys to show up on your doorstep. Instead, you work to achieve the dream you’ve set for yourself. This may involve getting a new job, saving money, or going back to school. The board is the motivation, but you have to find the path to achieve your dreams.

How do you make a vision board?

It’s not hard! Grab a stack of magazines, scissors, and a large poster board. Glue a picture of yourself to the center, then add words, pictures, or anything else that represents your vision for the future. Your vision board could include a vacation home, a life partner, world peace, a cleaner environment, or whatever else you hope to see in the future.

Remember, this is a motivational tool, not a magic board. Vision boards are popular, so much so that vision board parties and workshops are popping up all over. Some people prefer virtual vision boards online or on their phones

Make a vision board to streamline your goals, bring focus to your life, and work to achieve your dreams.  Just remember that vision boards are most useful when they’re not just about the outcome, but also about the steps to get there.

Do you have a vision board?

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