Full Body Workouts You Can Do Anywhere, Anytime

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August 21, 2013

It doesn’t matter that summer is almost over and the kids are heading back to school. This is the perfect time to get fit fast with quick, do anywhere workout routines. Using your body or minimal equipment these four fitness regimes will make you feel the burn and look good before the holiday crunch.

1. The Bob Harper Skinny DVD Series is a collection of three discs that each contains numerous short workouts. It brings your fitness level up or helps to break through a plateau. Workouts alternate between 15-20 minutes and typically use only body weight as a tool; free weights are needed for a few routines.  No weights?  Move on to another workout.  This series can be done at home or in your hotel room.  Use it on the days you can’t make it to the gym or want to get a workout in during vacation.  Harper will put you through the paces and make you sweat fast and hard for a total body work up.

2. BeFit Yoga Fusion workout is a compilation of yoga and Pilates that works your core using a variety of body-weight exercises.  Plyometric moves with yoga and Pilates means you don’t need any equipment except your laptop and yourself.  The online video takes you through the steps to help you totally work your abs and build muscle while increasing flexibility.  Go outside and do the steps for a change of pace or use it when you are on the go and need a bit of power and relaxation.

3. The 100 Workout is all over Pinterest fitness boards these days.  It’s the ultimate in do anywhere, anytime routines.  Starting at 100 jumping jacks you do a series of moves counting by tens.  From the 100 jumping jacks you move on to 90 squats, 80 crunches and 70 leg lifts.  Repeat the series starting at 60 jumping jacks, 50 squats, 40 crunches and 30 leg lifts.  Do it a third time until you end with a rep of 10 and pace yourself as you run in place, on a treadmill or outdoors for ten minutes.  Trust me, in the 20 minutes it takes to complete the sets you will feel the burn.

4. The Urban Jungle Workout is a boot camp based program from NYC’s very own Urban Jungle.  Done anywhere your body is used as resistance with 30 seconds of rest between each exercise.  The 30 minute workout tones your body with a bit of cardio thrown in.  It’s perfect for getting great results fast.  Do the eight move workout for three circuits, three times a week for a month and you will have burned some serious fat while gaining muscle and strength.  Moves like jungle squats and reverse V lunges work the lower body while push-ups and modified chair dips work your upper body.  It’s a powerhouse routine that will create a more fit and toned you.

What routine do you use to shake things up a little?

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