How To Make A Frugal Holiday Wreath

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December 8, 2011

I will admit it. I am as frugal as they come and I’m always on the look-out for great deals on clothes, shoes, food, and definitely on my holiday decorating.

I am not willing to put out $50 for a beautifully decorated wreath, so we make our own.  We also make wreaths for our relatives too, because, along with being frugal, I am green. I don’t want to throw away anything I can continue to use.

My kids can even take the wreaths when they start their own families. Until then, we use them year after year, adding new ones to different rooms during the holiday season, adding various decorations and different colors. Each kid wants to do one their way for their rooms, and I want mine on my front door to look a certain way.

To start, we visit our local dollar store and purchase a pine wreath. (If you want it to be larger than the wreaths on the shelf, grab a few, cut them apart, and twist them around one another.) Then we head to the holiday decorations aisle and everyone picks out a few of their favorite things. Don’t be afraid to grab bigger ornaments if you like them or if your kids want them. It will turn out beautiful. And make sure to grab a strand of beads, or another sparkly decoration to use to hang the wreath with.

Back at home, get out the scissors and start tearing all of those decorations apart. Chains of bells? Cut them into single bells. Line of candy canes? Separate them. Different ornaments? Cut the strings off, save the hooks for the decorations on your tree, and put in the pile of beautiful sparkly things to add to your wreath.

Now you’re ready to start putting it all together.

  1. Fluff out your wreath as much as you can. Pull the needles apart as needed, adjusting them to fill it out.
  2. Take longs strands of tinsel garlands and wrap the wreath, threading in and out through the center, not too close together if you still want the pine to show through. Another option is to use those long strands of beads, hot glue them into place every few inches.
  3. Add the bead hanger. Cut the beads to the length you need, loop that through the wreath and glue them into place on the back.
  4. Take the the biggest decoration and hot glue it into place on the top. (In this example we used a star tree topper, aligned the other decorations around it and covered where the beads go through the wreath.)
  5. Start positioning the decorations around the wreath. Once your design is in place, hot glue them to the needles. You can fill in as little or as much of the wreath as you’d like.

I don’t think I could ever trade this tradition in for just grabbing a wreath at the store and hanging it. That look on my daughter’s proud face is too important.

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