Four Secrets of Style: Rules that are Meant to be Broken

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August 7, 2014

The golden rules of fashion are sometimes meant to be broken. Remember the one about no white after Labor Day?  That rule thankfully no longer applies.  While some style tips are real keepers, like having a good white button down shirt, there have been some changes and it is time to take note. With these tips, you’ll see that the key is finding a look that is timeless, treasured and always in style. Follow these tips and getting dressed will become easier with each passing day.

Spilling the Secrets

  1. Focus on the flats. Don’t be afraid to pass on the pumps this season … and possibly forever. From ballet flats to driving moccasins and even menswear-inspired shoes you can never go wrong when wearing a tried and true favorite like these style shoes. Play with in-season colors or stick with nice neutrals to wear for years to come.
  2. To look fabulous and friendly, find a handbag that has a solid build and structure to its lines. It will never go out of style and works with any type of look. Add some fun by choosing a bag in your favorite bold color. It will make a statement and adds polish every time you walk out the door.
  3. Good as gold … well that’s silver too. The old rule of never mixing your metals no longer holds true. Feel free to mix it up when putting your accessories together. Men’s style watches have been doing it for years and it has now entered our realm of dressing and styling. So go ahead and mesh the silver bangles with the gold ones or add a silver locket with a gold pendant with your next outfit.
  4. Find your piece. Just think of it as looking for your inner style goddess. Curating a signature look works for anyone. Do you love a certain color? Find ways to include it into a lot of your looks. It doesn’t have to be a daily part of your wardrobe, that’s overkill. Do you love wearing scarves and have a knack for tying them? Wear them more often! This way of dressing is memorable to others and not only that, it will create a sense of ease and confidence when dressing that you might not have had before.

Don’t forget that shopping your closet and cleaning it out on a regular basis is one of the best (and free!) ways to stay on the style track.  Make sure you have the basics every woman needs: a good trench coat, little black dress and basic black pants that all fit well on hand too. Once you get rid of the ill-fitting garments and stick with what works for you and your life you are on your way!

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