Four Favorite UPF Clothing Lines

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March 10, 2014

Protection from the sun is our top priority when the hot summer months arrive.  Next to water safety most women arm their family in a layer of sunscreen, sunblock, hats and shades to keep the UVA/UVB rays at bay.  What about our clothing and workout wear? Is it up to sun safety snuff?  Get the lowdown on the latest in sunscreen protection for fitness and more right now.

I Work Out!

Besides your bathing suit, your workout wear sees the sun more than any other piece of clothing you own.  Unless you are a total gym rat, shouldn’t it help protect you from the sun?  Meet your new best friends for staying fit and sun-safe.


Guaranteeing a UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) of 50, BloqUV clothes are made for both men and women.  Perfect for time on the greens or tennis court, their clothes block out 98% of the sun’s harmful rays.  The fabric will cool your sweaty-self off with cute styles that make an impact when swimming or spending a day out on the boat.  All around BloqUV is stylish and handy.


ASICS has been building up an arsenal against the sun since 2010 with their built-in sun protection clothing line.  Fibers that protect with a UPF 50+, the clothes are meant to sweat and move in without breaking down despite numerous washings.  Armed with odor-resistance and cool colors you can find what you need in running shirts, shoes, and tanks. You’ll love the mesh ventilation inserts and chafe-resistant seams in this 50+ UPF shirt. The shorts are fast-drying, odor-resistant, breathable and, oh, yes, 50+ UPF.

Sun Safe Stylin’

Nobody wants to wear bright neon cover-ups. Those are for kids! We want sun protection and chic clothing all at the same time. We want companies who make it easy to travel and go about our day while offering the best in style and beating the sun. The sun just met its match.

Sun Precautions

Sun Precautions offers everything from button-down beach tunics and rash-guard style swim shirts to pretty peasant tops and cardigan wraps.  Whether you plan to run in the sun (they have leggings for that!) or head out on the town you can find something simple but classic to wear.  The Fun and Flowy Gored Skirt is quite elegant and so are the sun safe linen-style pants.

Lands’ End

Don’t forget about this one!  Lands’ End is making waves with its wide array of UPF 50+ clothing for the whole family. The recently expanded fitness line for women includes shirts and pants with some jackets and blazers too.  Polo shirts and the sweetest colors and patterns make the collection a must-have for your summer adventures.

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