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3 Ways to Transition Your Halloween Décor to Fall

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October 19, 2012

Before you know it, Halloween will have come and gone and it will be time to dust away those cobwebs on your Halloween décor (literally) and transition into fall. Since Halloween is only for one night, I tend to go light on the Halloween themed décor and instead focus on items that will carry over through to Thanksgiving.

If you like to go all out and almost create a haunted house in your front yard, you’ll most likely be packing it all away early in November. But, there might be a few items you can save and use right up until it’s time to put out those Christmas lights.

Here are 3 ways to transition your Halloween décor to fall.

Take down everything that screams Halloween and see what you have left.

Go through your current décor and put away anything that relates to Halloween. For example, items such as spiders, witches, ghosts, “Happy Halloween” signs and those scary cobwebs. Save the carved Halloween pumpkins and take a look at what you have leftover. Get creative with the scarecrows, twinkling orange lights, and candles – turning them into centerpieces or decorating your mantle. You just might surprise yourself at the ideas you come up with for recycling your décor.

What to do with all those pumpkins?

If you have pumpkins left over from Halloween that you didn’t carve, it’s easy to use those for your fall décor. For the small pumpkins, put them in a cornucopia and add some gourds and fall colored leaves. This makes for a beautiful table centerpiece for your Thanksgiving table. You can even turn them maroon or gold with a bit of spray paint.

For the large pumpkins, keep those outside to line your walkway or brighten up your porch. To make sure they last through the fall, consider washing them and spraying them with a clear sealant. This will prolong their lives and save you from having to purchase more pumpkins.

What about those carved pumpkins? If they are still in good shape and haven’t started rotting yet, just turn them around and display the side that isn’t carved. To hide the carved side, you could make a beautiful front porch display with a bale of hay, fall colored leaves and a scarecrow or two. No one will ever know.

Round Up Those Containers

Did you fill a glass container with candy corn or a basket with spooky Halloween items? Repurpose them with pumpkins, gourds, fall colored leaves and branches. You can also use the glass container for yummy pumpkin pie or apple crisp scented candles.

Decorating for fall is definitely one of my favorite seasons to get creative and come up with décor ideas that makes our home feel warm.

Do you have any ideas for transitioning your home’s décor from Halloween to fall? If so, please share.

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