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Five Creative and Quirky Costume Ideas You Can Make at Home

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September 28, 2012

Halloween is around the corner, and it’s time to start thinking about costumes!  Most people head to the local costume shop or buy a costume online at places like CostumeExpress, Amazon, or even Etsy. But sometimes it’s fun to be original and make your own costume at home. Homemade costumes can be outstandingly creative, using simple supplies that are found in the average home.

With most of these costumes a generic base layer of clothing is necessary. If possible, start with a solid color top and bottom. Any neutral color, such as black, white, or grey, is best, but other shades are fine if there are no last minute choices.

A Leaf Pile

A Halloween costume can easily made out of fallen leaves. Most yards are filled with them in October, and they can be attached to clothing with stick glue. Other times of the year, look for downed tree limbs or shrubbery clippings to find a costume that takes you back to nature. If you have the time to do a little shopping, you can also buy colorful fake leaves at most craft stores. These won’t crumble as easily, so your costume will last longer.

Conjoined Twins

If you need a pair costumes, you can easily kill two birds with one stone. Place both people in an over-sized shirt, each with an arm wrapped around the other’s back. The evening may end up being a bit close for comfort, so make sure both individuals are willing to work together!

Something Sweet

Affix as many different types of candy as possible to a white t-shirt. You could call your costume a Candy Dish, a Sweet Tooth, or, if you are willing to give away pieces of candy, a Trick-or-Treater in Reverse.

The Grandfather Clock

A brown sheet or piece of cloth can be easily turned into a cloak for an evening. To do this, fold one edge of the sheet into an eight-inch section. Place the cloth around your shoulders, lifting the folded section above your head. Then tie the cloak around your neck with a piece of string or fabric. Using makeup or washable markers, draw a clock face on your own. Affix clock hands made from construction paper or felt to your nose. You can also take this in a conceptual direction if the supplies are more readily available.

The Cleaning Supply Closet

With a roll of duct tape and a closet full of cleaning supplies, a costume is born. Small cleaning supplies, like sponges and brushes, can be adhered to clothing with tape folded over on itself. Find bottles that are mostly empty, clean them out well, and attach them to clothing in the same manner. With any open spaces, safety pin rags or paper towels to clothing. For added effect, carry a broom and dust pan. The costume will be an original and, as an added bonus, you are ready to help with cleanup after the party.

What creative costumes have you come up with?

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