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Follow Santa’s Travels With OnStar and NORAD this Christmas!

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December 24, 2014

Christmas Eve is spent decorating cookies, hanging out with family, and of course wondering where in the world Santa might be visiting. My children are still enthralled with the notion that during the day of December 24th, Santa is off in exotic locations, slowly making his way, home by home, to the United States and our city. Back when I was a child, my brother and I would stare at a globe and wonder what route Santa took. Today our little techies can follow his exact movements with OnStar and NORAD!

Starting at 7:00 AM (EST) Christmas Eve, until 5:00 AM Christmas Day, OnStar Subscribers can follow Santa’s journey around the world with just a push of the blue OnStar button, thanks to a collaboration with the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) Tracks Santa program. If you’re done with your holiday shopping and cozied up to a warm fire with hot chocolate, you can track Santa’s progress in other ways too.

  • Grab your phone and call 877.446.6723. Since it’s the season for giving, OnStar will donate $1 to United Way for Southeastern Michigan for every call placed and received. An amazing holiday gift!
  • Visit the NORAD site online to view Santa’s location across the globe.
  • Santa is on Twitter too! Just tweet @NORADSanta with the hashtag #Santa or #NORADSanta for his location.

This year, Santa will have a more efficient endeavor because his new sleigh has the most powerful connection ever! OnStar with 4G LTE turned the head elf high tech. And the simple connection will aid in his trek…”

And Bren at B So Chic reminds us of all the fun and excitement in using the Santa Tracker. “Santa is this enigmatic figure that never dies. He lives on and on and on. He’s got a purpose! And his mission never changes. The beautiful thing about this fantastical hero is the enormity of his job. He’s got global reach. He’s all over the world, spreading good cheer. Everyone knows Santa! And everyone wants to know where he is the night before! How does he make it to every country in the world in 24 hours?! What’s his route? Does he stop for gas? Do the reindeers tire and need a break? Who knows, really! But, at least curious minds get to follow his exciting and very energetic path on the Santa Tracker site!”

Will you be following Santa this year? Share your favorite Santa stories below.

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