December 28, 2018

2018 brought us more plant-based foods—think Beyond Burger—and an influx of wellness tonics. What does 2019 have in store for foodies when it comes to trendy new bites? Every year the folks at natural foods giant Whole Foods look into their crystal balls and predict the trends that we’ll see on the store shelves starting in January. Here are five predicted food trends that we’re delighted to welcome this new year.

Shelf-Stable Probiotics

2018 brought a number of fermented foods like kimchi to the forefront. Probiotics trend yet again for 2019, but this time, they’re shelf stable: Probiotics such as Bacillus coagulans GBI-30 and Bacillus coagulans MTCC 5856 are more shelf-stable, so expect to find these functional probiotic ingredients to more pantry staples and even beauty products.

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Faux Meat Snacks

Are you vegan or vegetarian and yet missing those meaty flavors and textures? 2019 promises more plant-based foods big on meaty tastes. Expect vegan-friendly replicas of jerkies and faux pork rinds with that universal umami flavor.

Try the Trend: Snacklins Cracklins Without The PorkLouisville Vegan Jerky Co.Pig Øut Chipotle Pigless Bacon Chips

Eco-Conscious Packaging

When it comes to packaging, there’s no better time than January 1, 2019 to make the switch to packaging with the environment in mind. Thankfully, brands in the OSC2 Compostable Packaging Collaborative worked together to come up with eco-friendlier packaging solutions, while other companies are making commitments to ban straws. 2019 consumers can expect to see an emphasis on reusing and a de-emphasis on single-use plastics.

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Newfangled Frozen Treats

2019 will also usher in a revolution in the frozen treats aisle, as a new generation of goodies guarantees to satisfy everyone’s taste buds and health needs. Think plant-based ice creams, high protein frozen custards, and globally-inspired frozen desserts. Popsicles and gelatos will also be spiking up 2019 with boozier blends.

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Snack Time All the Time

Three-meals-a-day is slowly becoming a trend of the past as snacking-style mini meals take over consumers’ hearts and minds. Expect better, more interesting ingredients, increased portability and artisanal versions of classic snacks as well as upgraded retro treats.

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