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4 Reasons to Try a 14-Day Fitness Program

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July 27, 2018

Exercise has both mental and physical benefits: it can make you happier, lower stress, keep you in shape, increase energy, clear your skin, increase memory, help with relaxation, and even help your sex drive!

With so many benefits, we should all be motivated to get out of bed and hit the gym or the exercise studio, but it’s not always that easy! I get bored easily with exercise and quickly bounce out, but I finally found a simple answer to keep me motivated: 14-day programs. They are short and sweet, results-driven yet diverse. Two weeks is long enough to see results, short enough to not get repetitive. Best yet, they are available in abundance online and on apps. You can do them anywhere, anytime and even do more than one at a time!

Two-week programs have many benefits.

Break out of a rut

Sometimes we get stuck in a rut so it’s nice to challenge yourself. If you’ve done Vinyasa yoga for years, try a new style for two weeks (Iyenger, Yin yoga, etc). This is a great way to try a new exercise, move the body in new ways, and perhaps develop some underused muscles.


The beauty of these programs is that you get to start a new program every two weeks. Choose from strength training to cardio, yoga to pilates. Some are more specific (stronger abs in two weeks) while others work the entire body in a boot camp style.

New instructors

With the plethora of apps and Youtube videos, you can really get a taste of different styles and instructors. Going to the same exercise class at the gym means you often do the same exercises, listen to the same music, and have the same instructor. When you try a 14-day challenge you may not love the instructor, but stick with it for two weeks and then move on to someone else.

No commitment

By committing to fourteen days, you get to try things you’ve never done without a long-term commitment. Interested in pilates? Give it a try. Contemplating Tai Chi? Find a program. Shake things up alternating cardio with yoga or pilates with a strengthening/weights program.

It’s really all about breaking up your exercise into small chunks so you don’t feel intimidated. Instead of making a major life change or investing in a new program, 14-day challenges give you an easy goal while allowing you to challenge yourself.

Have you tried any 14-day fitness programs?

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