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January 20, 2014

Mid-January and our resolutions are waning, especially the one about getting into better shape.  Stay on top of your fitness goals and beat the winter blahs by changing up your workout wear. Ditch the baggy t-shirts and old gym shorts. Punch up your running, cross-training or Zumba attire with clothes that look good, feel good and fit right.  Commit to feeling your best and say, “Out with the old gym gear and in with the new!”

Run, Walk & Jump in Style

You can blow your entire paycheck on one tank from designer Alexander Wang or pants from Lululemon, but there are other options! The fitness and fashion industry have merged to offer a variety of colors, fabrics and designs to suit all your needs and not break the bank. Companies like Athleta, Old Navy, Macy’s, Nordstrom and more offer stylish options for all your fitness needs from accessories to shoes and every capri or yoga pant in-between.

Now that fitness and fashion intersect it is even easier to go from the gym to errands or work and still look good. The addition of compression leggings for running or class time flatters a woman’s curves and makes one look more fit – so slip off the sneakers and throw on a pair of flats or boots and streamline your transition from treadmill to classroom mom, the office or whatever else the day throws at you with flair.

A Few Rules

Before you jump into the latest trend in workout clothes there are a few rules to remember.

  1. Don’t buy or wear anything that is too revealing or tight.  Your motivation will plummet just like the neckline on that tank top. It’s a waste of your time and money. Try activewear clothes on just like you would regular clothes.
  2. Cut the cotton. It may be the fabric of our lives but not when we are stepping on the Stairmaster or heading to hot yoga. Ditch the cotton threads and find fabrics that wick away sweat.
  3. Wear bright colors on the areas you want to highlight and darker tones for the spots you want to disguise or hide.

Wear This Now

  1. Printed tights for runners, yoga enthusiasts and everyone in between are everywhere right now. From high end designer workout wear to the racks at your local Target a printed pair of long or capri-length tights is hot. Even a splash of color down the side with a hint of print will do.
  2. Breathable brights for runners top the list of fashion fitness do’s.
  3. Activewear accessories are fashionable and functional. Headbands, gym bags, gloves and more perform well, look good and show off your personality. Check out Etsy for some unique finds.

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