Find the Best Running Shoes: 4 Easy Steps

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September 23, 2014

The kids are back in school. The weather is turning cool and you’ve decided that this is the best time to start running. The weather is perfect and there are many races to motivate you into a running routine. But first things first, your shoes are one of the most important parts of starting this new routine. Find out what shoes are right for running and your feet:

On Your Mark

The first step to finding your BFF in running kicks is to hit up your local running store. The employees there are typically seasoned runners who know a thing or two about fit, gait and running style. They will ask you a few questions regarding your running style and how often you train. Next, they will fit your true size, usually a half size up from your normal shoe size, and let you try on a few brands.

Next, they will have you lace up the shoes and take a jog around the store. Some stores have built in mini-tracks, or will let you jog in the parking lot. Ask if there is a liberal return policy of 30-90 days, so you can test out the sneakers on real and varying runs to get the best fit for your feet and style. They will also check to see how you run. Do you pronate? Do you need more cushion or stability?

Get Set

Top Cushioned Kicks: For high arches the Saucony Grid Shadow for women offers flexibility and a rear foot cushion to give runners nice heel support. The Nike Air Max also has a stable base with the cushion and breathable mesh that Nike is known for.

Top Stability Sneakers: Normal arches benefit from a wide array of choices when it comes to running shoes. Look for the Brooks Glycerin to offer comfort and support in a lightweight shoe.  It works outdoors and on treadmills equally well. The Asics GT 1000 2 is another good fit. The shoes are moderately priced, which works well for beginners, and provides enough cushion and comfort to wear well.

Top Motion-Control Trainers: If you have flat feet then you need more motion control and stability than most other runners. A good choice is the Brooks Addiction which is lightweight and for severe overprotanors. The Mizuno Wave Alchemy is great for smaller fit feet and runners.  It not only has support but incredible cushioning.

Now go! Get your run on!

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