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September 18, 2014

The light has a softer quality these days. Fall is in the air. With the changing of the colors it is time to reevaluate your hair style and its color.  While summer lends itself to softer, more casual styles – the fall and winter months beg for something deeper and more formal.  Structure, just like the back-to-school routine, is at its best this time of year.  Find out ways you can invigorate your hair in just a few simple steps.

Cut It Out

Fall is a time for a more polished look so let go of the messy hairstyles and play up the soft waves in a uniform style, instead of those beachy waves. Let hair grow a bit and leave layers at a minimum.

The cute summer bob you rocked all those long, hot months? Let it go! And grow! A longer, more versatile “lob” (longer bob) works well in the cooler months. Your neck stays warm and you have the ability to put it up or leave it down.  Add an angle to your existing bob to make it fresh.

The runways from New York Fashion Week were buzzing with not just hot looks but the addition of the center part.  It took center stage with models and celebs alike. The center part can change up a short hair style and a long one. Go straight or add some wave with a center part for a look that is always chic.

Color Swap

Still loving on that ombre shade from summer? I bet it isn’t looking so laid back and glossy right now.  It’s time for a deep conditioning mask and gloss rinse to liven up the locks. Don’t forget to soften the color too. Reduce the lighter shade or blond tones in your ombre ‘do by adding a toner to your hair the next time you visit the salon.  The toner will take the hue down a notch or two and cool down that brighter shade. The neutral effect will leave hair shinier and healthier and ready for a new season.

Thinking of going dark? Now is the time to embark on that luxurious brunette shade or deep amber with hints of cinnamon.  The gloss from a dark color is a great contrast to the bleak skies that come during fall and winter. Add some lowlights and create depth in your blond hair and let the highlights have a few months off.  Don’t be afraid of going for a one-note color either. This is the time of year to try any shade in just one-process of color.  The bolder the better to go with the dark and jewel tone shades in fashion this season.

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