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Fall Nail Trends: Go Dark, Textured, or Colored French

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October 4, 2012

Fashion Week has come and gone but the styles remain.  When it comes to your nails this fall, you can be sure that colors abound and there is something to suit every style and taste.

Dark Shades

The dark shades are still the rage for fall. Rich burgundies were showcased on many runway nails – along with glossy blacks, eggplant lacquers and pigment rich navy blues. Designers like Milly and Catherine Malandrino showed off tips with lots of lacquered shine in deep, dark shades.  Metallic versions of these shades follow this trend as seen in the latest Estee Lauder collection. This set is all about Paris at night.  Finely blended metallic hues in jewel tones like Caviar, Bête Noire, and Viper are some of the hottest this season.  Muted shades like the green ‘Stylenomics’ and dark red ‘Skirting the Issue’ from Essie’s ‘Stylenomics’ set illustrate this trend well.

Pale Hues

To compliment the dark shades this season, pale hues are in full effect.  Designer Tibi had models cat walking with almost white nails.  Creamy pale shades and soft gold’s like OrlyBeauty’s ‘Flare’ gold are a new way to usher in the fall season and it is very refreshing.  Gray nails are another trend and Chanel has it with their ultra-hot ‘Frenzy’, a color that is creamy and intoxicating in its loveliness.  Essie’s nail color ‘Miss Fancy Pants’ follows suit in the gray arena.

Colored French

A new twist on an old trend is the French manicure.  Typically seen on brides and those wanting to stay very neutral and neat this latest take on a classic look is all about infusing color.  Keep a muted nail base with neutral tones but add a bit of depth and take charge color by applying reds, lace texture or black to the tips of the nail.  It draws eyes to your hands so keep this manicure neat and layered with lots of top coat to pull it off.  Thakoon’s runway look was all black tips and appealing pale bases.


Textures abound this fall with leather wrapped nails, glitter and lace encrusted tips and even crocodile.  That’s right, crocodile.  Dior takes part in the crackle trend making it new again with their ‘Golden Jungle Duo’.  Not to be outdone is the “matching” trend.  This look needs more upkeep and should be done on a daily basis.  Take a look at the texture, colors and prints on your outfit and do your nails to match in print, finish and shades.  It creates a real ‘wow’ factor in your look.

What’s your fall nail color?  Are you into jewel tones, shimmers, pale lacquers or going big with texture?

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