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Fall Jean Trends: Color & Floral Denim are In

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September 6, 2012

Jean Styles for fall are as varied as the color of the foliage this year.  It isn’t one look or another but many choices.  This season there are styles, cuts, colors and even prints to choose from in the jean department.  When it comes to finding the perfect pair of jeans, the one you choose might just surprise you.  Here are three that really make the grade.


Let’s just get this one out of the way first, shall we?  It is not for the squeamish and you definitely have to have a certain bit of flair to work a pair of floral jeans.  However, they are super on trend and have carried over from the spring season.  These jeans are all about being pretty and showing off your feminine side.  Wear them skinny, unlike the 90’s version, and with a pair of neutral heels to add length.  If you want to detract from them, focus on a bright pair of heels that matches an accent color from the jeans and it will draw attention down to the shoe.  Keep it simple up top and style them with a jacket, cardigan or loose t-shirt.


This fall/winter season, color is king.  We saw a lot of pastels and bright summer colors this last season but for the upcoming months and into 2013 burnt orange, canary yellow and bottle green will be the favorites with bright, graphic blues like azure and indigo making a play in shades of blue denim.  Brands like Hudson and J Brand showcase these colors well but so do more affordable companies like Old Navy. Their canary yellow jeans sold out online the first day they were listed.  Use these jeans to pair with neutrals or with bold colors for accent and a new take on color blocking.  If you aren’t sure about which color to choose then go with your favorite.  It is the easiest way to incorporate this trend into your everyday look.

Skinny vs. Trouser

It seems skinny it is here to stay for at least another year and jeggings are too.  In prints, floral and ultra-bold colors skinny jeans are still making a statement.  Recovery and added stretch has been infused into many of the skinny/jeggings styles, which helps to make them work for many body types.  Trouser jeans with high-waists and regular waists are also in play.  From Coldwater Creek to the Gap and more you can find a pair of trouser jeans that make any outfit look crisp and great for weekends or the office.  Add some 70s Faye Dunaway flair legs in trouser style to be really trending or keep them simple and classic.  They almost never go out of style.

Denim in general are huge this year and the comeback of the jean jacket, maxi skirts, patchwork jeans, vests and the former 70s favorite Chambray shirt are all over and can be purchased in almost any store from the big box companies all the way up to the high-end department stores.

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