Fall Denim Preview

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August 4, 2016

Now more than ever denim is a go-to wardrobe piece for (almost) any occasion. In the ever-changing world of fashion and trends, denim is a staple that you can dress up or dress down. For the new 2016 fall season, my advice is to keep the jeans you have, find a new style you adore, and discover a new way to wear denim that you haven’t tried before. That’s what the fall season is all about this year.


Fall is the time for layering, and for keeping two denim pieces in rotation, too.

The classic jean jacket and the denim skirt, in an A-line cut, are perfect for this time of year. Throw the jean jacket over a favorite sundress, and you’ll be able to wear the dress into the fall. On chilly mornings, wear your jacket over a crew neck sweater for a look that’s an American classic. (Looks great with aviator shades too!)

On warmer days, skip the jacket and instead pair a relaxed denim button down with that A-line skirt. Add a pair of pointed flats or chunky heeled loafers for a put-together but casual look.

Say Goodbye to Hems

I don’t know about you but my jeans could often use a few inches taken off the bottom. This year, forget about it!

Cuffing is replacing the narrow hems we have seen in years past below your knees.

More to Love

We’re going to get pretty personal over here this year when it comes to your denim. The biggest change in denim fashion is that you can wear it your way. Wear your favorite pair of vintage jeans whether they are light wash and full of patches or dark and skinny. The key ingredient is that they look good on you and you make them your own.

Think patches and embroidery —not rhinestones and bedazzlery—this time around. Jeans with rips and tears are still in fashion and they look great when paired with a tee or tank.

Love a flare leg jean? No problem. The 70s look is till vibing hard and can be mixed with boho pieces from last season or this summer. Don’t forget to incorporate the cute skinny strap tank when you want to dress it up on a warmer day.

This fall the denim trend may be changing but it is really about finding your own comfort zone and owning it.

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