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Even a Washing Machine Needs to be Washed

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March 14, 2018

Spring cleaning is just around the corner. It’s rare that we think about cleaning out our washing machine, considering its job is to actually do the wash!

Unfortunately, washers and dyers can get musty and start to smell—which unfortunately transfers to our clothing. And definitely clean out the dryer vent as it’s a fire hazard. Hometalk gives us eleven easy tips to clean our washer and dryer.

Front Load Washers

Front loading washers have a rubber seal around the door and mold can funder under the seal due to the washing machine moisture. It is recommended you keep the door open when not in use. To take care of any mold, remove the rubber seal from the door. Using one part bleach to ten parts water, spray the bleach into the groove and wipe out with a cloth.

If the interior still smells, pour two cups of bleach in your dispenser and run a sanitary or clean cycle (for older machines try a long cycle and hot water). Next, pour in two cups of apple cider vinegar and run it again.

Top Load Washers

To clean a top loading washer, use the method above but in the first step increase the bleach to four cups. Once the washer is full, turn it off and let it soak for an hour. When it comes to the vinegar, double the amount of liquid as well. Remove the top of the agitator and allow it to soak.

I know from experience that liquid softeners are made up of mostly cardboard particles. When it builds up in your washer, it can be a daunting task to clean it. Which probably explains why I clean my washer more often than I probably need!


Every year there are more than 15,000 fires caused by the lint left in dryers. Even if you remove the lint from your dryer every time you run a load, excess lint will make its way to the tubing in the back of the dryer. Twice a year you should pull out your dryer and clean the back. Vacuum all the vents and make sure there is not a lot of excess dirt/lint in the tubing. Use duct tape to seal the tubing to the outside vent. This will help to trap the lint. Your dryer will run more efficient with the lint removed, and some of the newer models require you to you remove the lint trap each time you start a load.

You can see why it is important and economical to clean your washer and dryer at least two times a year.

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