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Environmentally-Friendly Craft Projects for Fall

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November 7, 2012

The fall is the perfect time to break out the craft supplies with the kids. The cool weather and beautiful natural coloring of the world are perfect inspiration. Better yet, you can find everything you need for beautiful and fun fall craft projects right in your own yard. Fall leaves offer a free and easy way to add a little crafting fun to your day. Here are a few of my favorite fall craft projects that use leaves.

Leaf Alphabet

This project comes straight from one of my favorite crafting divas, Martha Stewart. I absolutely love everything about this craft and if you have little ones working on learning their alphabet or creating words, this is the perfect craft to get their minds going.

The leaf alphabet is incredibly easy and only requires that you have some index cards or stock paper and a variety of leaves of all sizes, shapes, and colors. You will be making the leaves into various pictures and writing on the corresponding letters.

For example, make some cute leaf butterflies and then right Bb in the upper corner. You now have a beautiful and simple alphabet leaf card. Making the cards A-Z will enhance your child’s understanding of the letter as they have a little crafting fun.

Leaf Friends

This idea comes from Family Fun and is an incredibly easy project for even the smallest kids – helping to open up your child’s mind and imagination. After you head outside and collect some leaves, glue one onto a sheet of paper. Your child can then decide what that leaf looks like. Is it the shell of a turtle? Or maybe butterfly wings? Then they can draw the rest of the picture around the leaves. Kids will have fun with this easy project and it will make beautiful refrigerator art.

Beautiful Bouquet

My daughter loves this project because she loves flowers. All you need are craft sticks, a collection of leaves, glue sticks, and a vase (can be a jar or can as well). Start by gluing the leaves to the end of the craft sticks any way you like. You can glue one or more, whatever your child thinks looks best. Then place the craft sticks into the vase for a beautiful leaf bouquet.

Leaf Rubbings

We all probably did this project as a child.  All you need are some leaves, paper, and crayons. Place the leaves under the piece of paper and rub the side of the crayons over the leaf area. You will end with a beautiful leaf rubbing. You can frame them or hang them on the fridge.

What is your favorite fall project that incorporates leaves? 

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