Ecotravel Ideas for Families

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October 7, 2011

People are making more and more environmentally responsible decisions in their day-to-day lives, therefore, it’s only natural that families are looking for ways to plan a great getaway without having to worry about the size of their carbon footprint.  Fortunately, many locales are advertising themselves as eco-destinations, making it even easier for families to ecotravel.

Camping and Backpacking

The time-tested adventure of camping and backpacking allows families to experience and appreciate nature while protecting it. It’s the ultimate way to ecotravel.  Planning a trip is easy enough since campgrounds can be found almost anywhere, some agencies are creating more elaborate camping excursions in specific places.  One excellent example is Maryland’s All Earth Eco Park which offers hiking, kayaking, team building, environmentally safe bonfires and even cross-country skiing and snowshoeing in the winter.

Yoga Retreats

Yoga is good for the mind and the body and many associate it with a love for Mother Earth.  World Family Yoga makes it possible for families to visit and enjoy beautiful eco-retreat locations in Costa Rica, Mexico and Europe.  Adults of all skill levels will practice Anusara Yoga while children will interact with other young yoga enthusiasts in a more playful yoga session.

Eco Tours

What better way to be an ecologically-conscious tourist than on an eco-tour?  The Sierra Club was established in 1892 as an organization promoting a healthy lifestyle and has become a leader in the fight against global warming and preserving the earth’s wilderness.  Today, they offer 350 trips around the world, many of which are great for families, including multi-generational families.  Imagine how incredible it would be for young children to be able to carve out memories with their grandparents while experiencing the wonders of nature.

Green Hotels

Not quite ready to ditch modern conveniences but still want to reduce your negative impact on the environment?  Try a “green” hotel.  These properties have taken steps to reduce the amount of electricity and water needed while providing guests with a comfortable stay.  Many also have switched to linens, soaps and detergents made from natural fibers and materials and also serve healthy, local fare in their restaurants.


Since ecotravel has become so popular in recent years, finding a great family vacation could be as easy as doing a simple web search but there are some sites that provide specific, helpful information.

  • Ecotourism Logue – an excellent site for information about the different types of trips.  Vacations can be booked directly through the site.
  • Planet Green – In addition to travel and tourism ideas, the Discovery Channel site offers great information about living an environmentally responsible life.
  • Green Hotels Association – find a hotel in your state or around the world that has been deemed “green” enough for inclusion on the list.

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