December 12, 2012

Start a family tradition this Christmas that can last a lifetime. A traditional family dinner, gift giving, and decorations are a part of many family holiday festivities. However, make Christmas count with a day dedicated to your family, unity, and nature. There are many ways you can give back to Mother Nature this Christmas while making memories that will last a lifetime.

Outdoor Tree Decorations

Give a gift to the birds this Christmas by decorating a tree just for them. Cover pinecones with peanut butter and dip into seeds to make fun pine cone ornaments the birds can dine on. You can also hand seed balls or add small trays on the tree with a variety of seeds to offer your feathery friends. Decorating your outdoor Christmas tree can be a part of Christmas that you always enjoy. Make your ornaments then hang them on the tree together. After the tree is trimmed, you can go inside and watch the lovely birds show up for a Christmas Day snack.

Take a Tree, Plant a Tree

Many of us will use a live tree for our Christmas celebration. Give back to Mother Nature by replacing what you took. Plant a new evergreen to replace the one you removed. Planting a tree together can be fun and can be a great way to show the true value of nature and taking care of our earth to your children.

Nature Hike

Go on a hike this Christmas with the whole family. Plan a day at the park or local nature trail for a fun-filled day of together time. If you are preparing a large dinner with the family, on a hike in the morning and bring a picnic breakfast. Waking up early and spending the entire day with the family can be just what you need to bring the Christmas spirit to life.

Early Morning Cup of Joe

Make it a new tradition to wake up early and watch the sun rise as a family. The parents can enjoy a nice cup of coffee while the kids drink some cider. Christmas is only one time a year and waking up early to see nature’s true beauty together can help get you in the Christmas spirit. Then head back inside to open presents and continue with your regular festivities.

Taking a moment from your busy schedule to just sit back and enjoy nature can really put Christmas into perspective. You can calm down from the hurried season and enjoy everything that Mother Nature has to offer with your family. Do you have any family traditions that incorporate the outdoors?