Can a Little Fun Save the Planet?

April 9, 2018

Who coined the phrase “Earth Day?” How many jobs does the recycling industry support in the United States? What are the most environmentally friendly retailers? How many pounds of plastic is in the average car?

Sustainable buying decisions take practice. Each month new information is released regarding the impact of every day household products and the companies that make them. It can be overwhelming to keep up. Earth911.com has come up with a fun way to keep your sustainability skills sharp with a new series of educational quizzes that launch this week to celebrate Earth Day.

The questions will keep you thinking about how to help the planet with your buying, recycling, and re-use habits. And this week, players can win a free t-shirt. Earth911.com will be picking 100 t-shirt winners at random, so try your hand at all five of the Earth Day Week quizzes to increase your chances of being selected.

“Sustainability is a group project,” says Earth911.com publisher Mitch Ratcliffe. “We can all make a difference by making informed decisions about products and companies. We’ve realized that getting into the habit of asking questions about the environmental and economic impact of consumer decisions can be entertaining.”

Check it out to start learning the positive impact your buying can have on the world!