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Easy to Care for Fabrics for Cold Weather

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September 12, 2017

It seems like only yesterday we got out the shorts and sandals. But I’ve noticed the leaves are starting to change, and that means that fall will be here before you know it. It’s almost time to pack away your summer clothes and pick up a few warm clothes for fall.

When you’re thinking about what to wear during the colder months, keep in mind how much care the clothes require. You don’t want to be stuck with a closet full of outfits that you have to dry clean, or that require an iron every time you wear them.

Here are a few easy-to-care-for fabrics to look for.


When I’m looking for base layers like t-shirts or chambray shirts, cotton is my number one choice. Be sure to look for pre-shrunk cotton, so your new clothes don’t shrink when you wash and dry them. When laundering, simply wash in cold water with an all-purpose detergent.


Wool is incredibly warm and a top pick for colder temperatures. You can wash wool in cold or warm water in most cases, but never put it in the dryer! Instead, lay wool clothing flat to dry and help it keep its shape. One of the biggest benefits of wool is that it almost never needs to be ironed. Merino wool is one of the easiest types of wool to care for.


Denim isn’t just for jeans anymore. You’re sure to see denim in shirts, dresses, skirts, and jackets this season.  Denim is very forgiving and can be laundered in cold water and either line dried, or tossed in the dryer. Remove denim from the dryer promptly to avoid wrinkling.

Knit Blends

A knit is a type of weave, not a type of fabric. Knit blends can be made from a variety of synthetic and natural fibers. In the winter, it’s most common to see clothing in wool, cotton, and polyester blends. While most can be laundered at home, be sure to look at your care label. Knit blends will hold their shape if you lay them flat to dry instead of putting them in the dryer.


Flannel is one of my favorite fall fabrics. Flannel shirts are common, of course, but don’t forget to look for flannel ponchos, light weight jackets, and even scarves. Most flannel items can be washed in cold water and tumble dried on low.

Which of these fall fabrics is your favorite?

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