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Easy Halloween Centerpiece Ideas

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October 13, 2020

Whether you want to decorate your kitchen table or a side table in the living room, here are some easy Halloween centerpiece ideas to inspire your creativity.

Decorating your home is just one way to really get in the mood for the holidays. And, Halloween is no different. So, grab that box of orange and yellow decorations and see what you can come up with.

Candy Corn Centerpiece

Candy corn is a huge hit around Halloween time. So why not start with that as the basis for a fun centerpiece. Just take a tall vase with straight sides and fill it with candy corn. You can set a votive candle in the center if it’s large enough. Or, try adding a battery operated tealight candle to the top instead. Then, scatter pinecones around the outside and you are all set for the holidays.

Graveyard Bowl

This will be a bit more spooky as your centerpiece! Grab a big black plastic bowl and fill it with dried moss from the craft store. Then, add a few plastic skulls, a large black spider, a few mini coffins or gravestones, and a candle (flameless) in the center.

Black Ruffled Spiders

How about a centerpiece that the kids can help you create? Pick up a few black, red, or purple bath puffs at the dollar store. Then, glue on googly eyes and 6 black pipe cleaner legs. You have a whole collection of spooky spiders to sit on your table.

Halloween Book Stack

Go ahead and get crafty to create a Halloween centerpiece for your table. Little House on the Corner shared an easy DIY to make Halloween book covers. It would work wonderfully in any room of the house. Get the directions here.

Skull Display Stand

If you have a cake stand, here’s an easy DIY you can put together in just a few minutes. On top of the cake stand, places 5 or 6 black skulls. Add in black or dark red flowers to fill in the spaces. Place a black candle in a jar in the center. Done!

Pumpkin Vase

If you’d like to incorporate pumpkin into your holiday decor, why not use one as a base for your fall flowers. Mums and carnations would work in autumn colors. Find out how to make this fun Halloween craft right here.

Any of these Halloween centerpieces should be easy enough to create in just a few minutes. Let the kids help and bring a little bit of spooky fun into your home today.

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