Easy Decorating Ideas and Must Haves for Your Child’s Playroom

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January 16, 2012

Children’s bedrooms are their playrooms, their space, their place to create, think and play.   Whether they are playing alone or with a sibling the entire space should be totally accessible for them.

Here are some easy key elements to turn your child’s room into their space.

A bulletin board can be constantly tweaked for their interests that seem to change and “evolve” daily. It’s the perfect place for them to express themselves and they learn and grow. A constantly growing room can be a better choice than a staying the same “themed” room.

A kid size table large enough for art projects and/or building.  Our absolute favourite is the  Ikea children’s table; between the cost and durability it makes for a perfect choice.

An art line, basically a clothes line across your wall for hanging children’s art work, after all, who better to decorate their space.  It’s easy to make your own or The Land of Nod has a lovely affordable ones.

A world map and a globe, they educate as well as a wonderful reminder there is a great big world out there for them to explore!  World maps that cover an entire wall are a favourite of ours, if you can’t do both one would be great.  Both are inexpensive and will not outgrow your child.

A reading nook is a must and there are so many ways to accomplish this, start by asking your child where they prefer to read.  Do they like to sit or lounge with lots of pillows or perhaps add a bean bag and a favourite blankie?  One fabulous way to invite your child to read is add a book rack (or two) these can be bought or easily made, they are basically just small ledges that let you show the front art work of their picture books, always inviting your child to read.

Clear or open bins within reach for art supplies, building blocks and other thinking toys.  Children are more creative when things aren’t  “put away”, when they have these things down where they can see and reach them, you won’t hear “I’m bored” very often at all.

Adults need spaces to think, create and have quiet, when needed, children require the same.  Make sure the room is light and bright, and it will be their favourite place in the house (and maybe yours too.)

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