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Earth Day 2019: 7 Ways to Love Mother Nature

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April 16, 2019

This year, Earth Day falls on April 22 and it’s a great time to pull together as a family and show love for our planet! There are so many ways you can show your appreciation for Mother Nature and set a good example for the next generation.

Our world is in their hands, so it’s really important to create responsible habits as early as possible. Plus, giving back to our Earth feels amazing. Here are seven simple ways to celebrate Earth Day!


We are glued to our gadgets all day, even when we’re supposed to be relaxing. Even on vacation, many of us see the sights through a lens instead of through our own two eyes! For Earth Day, even if it’s just for an hour, give technology the cold shoulder.

Instead, look around at all the beauty surrounding you. Watch the sunset and marvel at the colors without a social media filter. Have conversations without being distracted. Play a board game by candlelight. You’ll probably be amazed by the richness of your interactions and the reduction in stress. It’s a wonderful thing to do as a family, too!

Go on a Nature Walk

Skip the gas guzzlers, lace up your shoes, and go for a walk. Even if you’ve trekked the same paths a million times, look at everything with a renewed curiosity. Are there things you’ve missed? What kinds of flowers are in the fields? What types of trees are nearby? Are there critter families watching you from the tall grass?

Encourage your children to observe and examine the things they encounter along the way (taking precautions to avoid poison ivy and ticks, of course!). Engage in a conversation about nature and discuss the ways in which it can be protected.

Clean Up Litter

After the long winter months, you might have noticed that a lot of trash has accumulated on our streets. On Earth Day, consider rolling up your sleeves (and putting on some gloves!) to tackle the litter in your area. If we all do our part, we’ll make a huge difference.

Of course, you’ll have to throw some things in the garbage but recycle whatever you can. You’ll be amazed by how many plastic products you’ll find cluttering up our parks, paths, and parking lots. Properly disposing of these items keeps our world cleaner and protects wildlife from ingesting it.

Start a Garden

Did you know that gardening can fight stress? Research has shown that spending some time with our hands in the soil has many benefits for people of all ages. You don’t need to have a full garden, either. Simply plant a few boxes on a porch or in your yard to get started.

As an added perk, any herbs, fruits, or vegetables you grow can be used in your kitchen. Nothing tastes better than fresh produce from your very own garden! If you’ve never had a green thumb, start small and build from there. You’ll be harvesting in no time.

Go Paperless

We go to the mailbox and come back with too many pieces of mail that eventually become part of a ridiculous pile of unopened envelopes and unnecessary junk. While you can’t get rid of everything, there are some ways in which you can reduce the clutter and save on how much paper we’re using.

Many companies provide the option to go paperless. You can receive utility bills, bank statements, and more as email, thereby reducing your carbon footprint and making it easier to keep track of everything.

Home Upgrades

Are there some home improvements you’ve been neglecting? That leaky faucet is not only wasting our precious water resources—it’s also increasing your monthly costs. While you’re at it, look into other ways you can make your home more efficient.

In addition to low-flush toilets, low-flow shower heads, and energy-conserving light bulbs, consider installing a programmable thermostat. These devices will help keep your home comfortable while improving the overall efficiency of your heating and cooling system.

Give Back

Finally, search for organizations in your area that need volunteers. Whether it’s planting trees, supporting the bee population, cleanup efforts, or recycling, there’s always something that needs to be done. These groups don’t often have large budgets and could use an extra set of hands.

If you don’t have time to volunteer, you can show support by donating to conservation efforts. Even small amounts of monetary assistance can go a long way.

This Earth Day, show Mother Nature some love. Choose activities you can do as a family, and start a conversation about why this is so important. As our children grow up, they will remember these early lessons—and the amazing memories!

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