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Dressing Your Table for Thanksgiving

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November 10, 2011

Whether you’re a Martha Stewart wannabe or someone who could care less about the details entertaining can bring out your inner design diva. So, if you’re hosting your friends and family for Thanksgiving you need to not only think about dressing the turkey but also doing the same for the table.  If the thought of preparing the whole feast and adding some flair into your decor has you breaking out in a sweat, follow these tips to create a stunning table setting – stress free:

1. Run with it.

 Add a little omph to your classic tablecloth by adding a runner. You can purchase a ready-made one from a store, or simply pick up a pretty piece of fabric from your local sewing store, fold under the edges and no one will know the difference. Choose a color that ties into the fall theme – like a rusty orange or vibrant red.

2. Repeat, repeat, repeat.

If you ever look at a really well-designed space or store display, you’ll notice that they always repeat colours. This instantly makes any group of items look more cohesive – whether it’s clothing or your dining room.  When setting the table, you should do the same. Work with a maximum of three colors (I usually stick with two to eliminate any chance of creating too much clutter) and repeat them throughout your setting.  For example, try combining orange flowers with white plates and a green table runner. Keeping the colors consistent will make everything seem more luxurious.

3. Add Petals.

 If you have absolutely no time for decorating, the quickest way to make your tabletop more haute is with flowers.  Here’s a simple arrangement that you can do at home: Purchase three to four hydrangeas and one bunch of carnations. Match two hydrangeas with half of the carnations and place them in a low vase. Repeat with remaining flowers. Voila – two pretty arrangements at a fraction of the cost.  Carnations have got a bad rap because they are cost-effective but when you buy all one color and cluster them together they look beautiful.

There you have it. Whether you want to follow all three tips above, or only have time for just one – the little extra effort you put into the overall look of your dining space will help create an inviting atmosphere for your guests and let them enjoy their food even more. After all we eat with our eyes too.

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