Don’t Derail: Detox After a Holiday Weekend

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July 7, 2015

The Fourth of July was a total blast!  Fireworks filling the night sky with sparkling colors and hot days spent with family and friends.  All that time at the beach and pool, the fire pit or grilling out on the patio is filled with delicious desserts, tantalizing treats, brats and dogs, salads galore and a whole lot more.  I’m betting you had a libation or two as well.  Come Monday morning we are all feeling a bit bloated and overdone. Ban the bloat and refuse to get derailed by a holiday weekend full of indulging.  Detox your way back to health in just a few simple steps.

Whether you do one or all of the steps over the course of a week you will definitely notice a difference in your body.  Energy will bounce back, sleep will be more restful and your shorts and sundresses will be less snug.  Let’s get started!

I’ll Drink to That!

  1. Start your day with a cup of hot water and lemon. It balances out your digestive system and sets you up for the day. If you need a shot of caffeine sip some green tea; iced or hot.
  2. Say adios to the soda. At least for a few days, if you really can’t resist. Flavor water with lemon, lime, berries or add a dash of seltzer water for some carbonation. Otherwise, be prepared to stay bloated from all the fizz from sugary drinks.
  3. Clean out the margarita mix from the blender and keep it going this week with green juices or smoothies. This green smoothie will ease bloating fast.

Move It

Don’t just sit there feeling defeated, get moving!  A quick run or brisk walk around your work or neighborhood does a body good. If you can’t get outdoors then find an online workout that will stretch your body as well as energize it. Ballet-inspired workouts like Barre3, mix yoga and Pilates are perfect to revitalize your body and tone it at the same time.

You need to get back into your routine and that includes your workout regime. Grab a friend and catch up on how they spent their Fourth or take a swim at your local pool. You get one body and you need to treat it right.

Crunch Time

To get things clean and moving you cannot subsist on smoothies and green juices alone. Load up at mealtime on plates full of lean protein and veggies. Snack on them too. A plate full of crudités with a light dip or peanut butter to dip them in goes a long way during the day. Grill some chicken instead of beef or dogs. Your body will thank you.

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