Do the Dash: The Monster Dash

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September 30, 2014

October launches a plethora of Halloween goodies that can pile on the pounds. Corn mazes, pumpkin chunkin’ and bobbing for apples can be loads of fun but they don’t work off the calories from all those plentiful snack size chocolate bars, caramel apples and cider donuts.  Why not check out some of the local runs, fun runs and walks in your area guaranteed to fuel your All Hallows spirit and help you keep fit?  From twilight runs to spooky sprints there are many types to choose from that only come during this time of year.

Trick or Trot

Haunted hayrides are so sedentary. Enlist with a group of friends, family members or co-workers to either run – or run after racers – in a themed and frightening race.  Cities and towns all over the country offer haunted bike trails races, zombie apocalypse style sprints, monster dashes, and macabre mud runs.  Find one that appeals to you and your team and get ready to run for your life!

Not a fan of the scarier side of Halloween? That’s fine, truthfully even I don’t want to run from zombies, real or fake. A fun run in October can mean more than running from a blood-thirsty set of vamps.  You can bring the whole family and enjoy activities before and after the family run.  Many events offer pumpkin carving, costume parades and hay rides.  It’s like getting two activities in one and a guarantee that everyone goes home happy.  Think scarecrow sprint versus scary scurry.

Helpful Haunts

Some of us only pull on our running shoes for a good cause. Whatever gets you moving, am I right?  Pack up the family and get involved with a race like the Skeleton 5k Run for your Bones in Amherst, Ohio.  Charities know that what brings the crowds and cash has to also be fun.  Races to benefit animals allow costumed pets and kids to participate.  How about a Haunted Half Marathon to support prostate cancer the month of October?  The Congressional Cemetery in Washington, DC times their annual fundraiser during October for a successful Dead Man 5k each fall.

Meet You at Sundown

Twilight runs happen most often in summer when evenings and daylight last longer. Fall is now in full effect and the days are shorter with less light but the need to stay outdoors lingers on.  A Twilight style run might be just what you need to enjoy a cool autumn night.  Typically held on flat courses you can get some exercise while taking in the sights without the bright sunlight or the harsh heat, which can slow you down.  Twilight runs are great ways to relieve your day’s stressors, take in a beautiful sunset and leave the scary stuff behind.

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