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DIY Elegant Swarovski Beaded Necklace

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April 24, 2017

I love wearing jewelry, but sometimes it’s hard to find just the right piece. With a little bit of practice, you can learn to make jewelry to coordinate with any outfit in your closet. You can craft this elegant, easy-to-make necklace in any color scheme you want. Use Swarovski crystals for a more expensive look, or substitute with other beads, pearls, or crystals. Using just a few tools, you can change up your jewelry as often as you change your clothes.

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This design is a perfect starting point to learn how to work with different materials and tools. Straight beading is the simplest way to make jewelry. From here you can learn other techniques and play with other custom designs.


Each of these tools costs around $10 and are a big help if you intend to start making your own jewelry.

  • Crimper
  • Small Needle Nose Pliers
  • Small Wire Cutters


  • Sterling Silver Chain (12 Inches): Links should be about ¼ inch for these particular size beads. You do not want the chain to overwhelm the beads.
  • Beadalon Wire (8 Inches): This is wire made for beading and is much more flexible than regular wire.
  • Crimp Beads
  • Crimp Bead Covers (2): The crimp bead cover hides the flattened crimp bead and makes it look like a silver bead.
  • Lobster Clasp
  • Open Jump Rings (2)
  • Swarovski Crystal, 12mm Round, Crystal (1)
  • Swarovski Crystal, 10mm Round, Black Diamond (2)
  • Swarovski Crystal, 10mm Round, Jet (2)
  • Swarovski Crystal, 8mm Round, Shadow Crystal (4)
  • Swarovski Crystal, 8mm Round, Jet (2)
  • Swarovski Crystal, 6mm Round, Jet (4)
  • Swarovski Crystal, 6mm Round, Shadow Crystal (2)


  1. Cut the chain into 2 equal pieces.
  2. String one crimp bead on the end of the Beadalon wire. String the end of the Beadalon wire through the last link on the chain and back through the crimp bead (watch this video for clarification).
  3. Crimp. Cover the crimp bead with a crimp bead cover. You can use a special tool called a crimper to do this, or just use a small pair of pliers to crimp the bead down tight on the wire so it will not slip off. Then rotate the wire and crimp again. Tuck extra length of wire into several beads before cutting the excess.
  4. String beads in the following order:
    • 6mm Jet
    • 6mm Shadow
    • 6mm Jet
    • 8mm Shadow
    • 8mm Jet
    • 8mm Shadow
    • 10mm Black Diamond
    • 10mm Jet
    • 12mm Crystal
    • 10mm Jet
    • 10mm Black Diamond
    • 8mm Shadow
    • 8mm Jet
    • 8mm Shadow
    • 6mm Jet
    • 6mm Shadow
    • 6mm Jet
  5. Repeat steps 2 and 3, attaching the Beadalon wire to the other length of chain.
  6. Attach lobster clasp to one end of chain using one jump ring. Attach the second jump ring to the other end of the chain.

That’s it! You now have the basics for your necklace and can use beads of whatever color fits your color scheme.


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