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Going Grey This Year: Join This Growing Trend

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March 5, 2020

Grey hair is in. Just ask Sharon Osbourne, who debuted her new “natural” grey recently. Jane Fonda also showed off her new silver hair at the Oscars. Both of them are getting rave reviews of their new looks, and personally I think Sharon looks amazing without that harsh red color.

They are not the only celebs to have embraced the grey either. Jamie Lee Curtis did it years ago. Models Paulina Porizkova and Christie Brinkley recently put up pictures of themselves with grey roots and talked about embracing it as they age. After all, celeb stylist Jonathon Columbini of Loreal Paris says “You’ve earned them, let them show.”

Then there’s Helen Mirran, the queen of naturally white/grey hair since 2015, who is the envy of many of us looking to age gracefully and still look incredible (and sexy!). Emmylou Harris has been grey for years. Judy Dench is just stunning with her white hair. Salma Hayak recently posted a picture saying she no longer dyes her hair (no time to waste on that). Although she only has several small silver streaks, she’s going natural and loving it.

And the men? Can I get a woot to Jon Bon Jovi’s silver fox look? Harrison Ford is sexy as ever with his natural greying hair. Ted Danson, George Clooney, Pierce Brosnan, and Steve Carell to name a few. And I won’t forget to mention Sam Elliot because, well, Sam Elliot.

So why stop dying your hair and embracing the grey? For starters, it frees up so much time. Many people have to color their roots every 3-5 weeks! It’s also safer because dyes are known to have chemicals that can enter our bloodstreams. Ditching the dye also makes hair healthier and less dry usually. Last, it can be pretty costly if you have to visit a salon every month.

But the biggest reason people choose it is the feeling they get from it. Most often that feeling starts out with fear. Will I look old? Will I look ugly? Will I still feel sexy? What will people say at work? Will I be able to get a job?

Then the fear morphs to acceptance. They like the new natural color and ultimately get a freeing feeling. I’m here in all my glory, this is me and I love myself! I’ve earned this grey and I am going to embrace it and rock it.

Are you ready to go naturally grey? I am considering it and know it will take me some more years if at all. But I am open to coloring less often and letting some of my grey slip in.

Whether you color your hair at home, or at a salon, if you are ready to stop, the best way to do it is to let roots grow out an inch or 2, then head to a salon for a one-time coloring that will help weave your existing color with your natural color so it doesn’t grow out looking like a harsh line from dark to white. If you only have some greys, 25% or less, just let it grow out. You can cut your hair more often so it “catches up quicker.”

Looking for support and tips? There’s a Facebook group called Gray and Proud who’s motto is “Those aren’t grey hairs, they’re strands of glitter.”

Ready to rock your natural grey hair? You certainly won’t be the only one and you could very well be the first of your friends to embrace this trend. Let us know if you’re up for a change that is on-trend and nice to see people embracing!

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