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Desert Bound: Rockin’ Coachella Style

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March 14, 2013

The incredible low desert Coachella music festival will soon be under way. The multi-day event is full of the latest and greatest in the music world. While the tunes soar through the palm trees and poolside parties abound, you can be sure fashion also takes center stage. So what do you wear to the polo fields full of tunes?

Styled Looks

Going to Coachella this year? Think a bit tribal, a lot hippy and even more denim, fringe and feathers to create the ultra-laid-back style that is the hallmark of this musical bonanza. The top trends seen last year (and expected this year) are breezy sundresses, ankle booties and cutoffs. Lots of denim cutoffs. When it comes to accessories it is all about the shades and satchels. Aviator sunglasses reign supreme at Coachella. You can go Ray Ban or find your own style and affordable pair that works for you. Keep your goods close by using a leather bag worn across the body for comfort and accessibility.

Look #1 – Pair light wash denim cutoffs (fringe and pockets hanging out or rolled up neat, the choice is yours.) with an asymmetrical tank or sweet lace shirt, a bunch of mixed bracelets, a floppy hat to shield you from the sun, and a pair of leather booties or rubber wellies to fight the mud.  Voila! You have found your groove.

Look #2 – Flowing maxi style dresses are all the rage. Find a striking one with cut-outs, apply some SPF, don a fedora and some strappy sandals and the look is complete. A denim vest or short jacket will keep you warm on those cooler-than-expected desert nights.

Look #3 – The jumpsuit. In shorts or pants style the jumpsuit is where it’s at. Wear it by the pool or as you try to get backstage for real concert cred. Just remember to keep it simple. Don’t pick a patterned jumpsuit but instead opt for one solid color to create a long, lean look. A wide-legged version is always a good choice as is one with a draped neckline to draw attention upwards and not always to your middle.

All Made Up

Make-up at Coachella is fairly minimal with a splash of wild. No full on Ke$ha here. Apply your sunscreen, an oil-free foundation and bronzer with a minimal bit of lip color. Remember the waterproof mascara and a few swipes of shimmery shadow on the lids. Get creative with a bright turquoise, purple or gold liner. Use some sparkly decals or add strokes like dashes of war paint to the outer corners of your eyes or at the cheekbones. Top off the look with bright pastel nails in mint green, a poppin’ baby pink or creamy yellow.

Now all you need to do is throw on a hippy headband or set of feathered extensions in your hair and you are good to go.

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