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Decorating With Pallets

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September 1, 2017

Pallets are in right now. They come in different sizes and materials, including wood and plastic. You can buy them—or, with a bit of searching, you’ll find them for free.

Most large companies send pallets back to distributors for reuse, so you are more apt to find them at smaller companies, hardware stores, furniture stores, or construction sites. If you see pallets stacked beside a building or construction site, you should probably check before you grab one.

You can tear a pallet apart to make furniture, walkways, or a headboard for the bed. Pallet wood is strong, but it’s not always pretty. With a a good saw, a sander, finish, paint, and a little bit of time, your find many uses for your pallets.

In your yard, for example, you can use pallets to build tables, a porch swing, furniture, or small planters. Pallets also make a great wooden deck. You’ll have to reinforce pallet wood by nailing 2×4’s underneath, but you’ll save on the materials if you get your pallets for free.

You can also use a pallet to create storage space. Lean it against a wall in your garage or shed and it’s the perfect place to store garden tools like rakes and shovels.

Or check out this unique outdoor lounger. You’ll need two pallets, a saw, a sander, two hinges, varnish to protect the wood from the elements, and some paint. You can make thin cushions by buying batting or foam, cutting it to the size of the lounger, and covering with a heavy outdoor material.

To decorate your house, you can paint and stencil (or freestyle) sayings, designs, or  images on cut down pallets. Find ideas here.

Rustic is the new decorating scheme—and pallets are a great and inexpensive way to go rustic!

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