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August 12, 2011

There are things we do every day that are good for us and others that are not so good. When I work with clients as a Health Counselor, I ask them to keep track of their daily habits and behaviors and then we try to create some wiggle room so they live the most balanced and healthy life possible.

I remind them to observe and conserve (or use moderation). I’ve found the best way to overcome an unhealthy habit is to exchange it with another, more healthy, version of itself. When you focus on your behavior and daily routine, you’ll discover there are plenty of ways to go from the “dark side” to the more sunny version of itself. By learning to replace and substitute, you can lose weight, feel healthier and live a vibrant life without really even trying!

Here are some Good Habits to test out when it comes to food and your diet:

  • If you drink coffee. Try switching to green tea. In the warmer months, I let green and hibiscus tea steep in room temperature water for a few hours, remove the tea bags and add some all natural stevia sweetener for a refreshing, all-day swig! Here’s a little video of my daily tea secret.
  • Instead of drinking diet or regular soda, try plain water with crushed fruit and a drop of stevia for a hint of sweetness; or mix pure juice with club soda or bubbly water.
  • Rice is nice when it’s white but convert to brown rice and your body will thank you.
  • Real Moms love ice cream, but every night? Exchange your creamy concoction with a similar kind with less fat and intense flavor. Or try a homemade fruit smoothie made with coconut milk and a scoop of protein powder.
  • What hamburger is complete without french fries? Give spud’s cousin a try and switch to baked or roasted sweet potato fries with a light hint of sea salt sprinkled on top!
  • Candy may be dandy, but Mother Nature has the key, nosh on baby carrots and dried fruit and see…
  • So you’re bored, try not sitting down to eat a salty, fatty snack, go outside for a walk, instead (bring your green tea with you) and I’ll bet you’re craving will be gone with the wind…in your hair!
  • Sure, you love to watch Dancing With The Stars on TV, but once in a while, give your busy mind a rest, sit quietly for a few moments and meditate. Here’s a place to get started or check out this how-to clip on You Tube.

What are other ways you’ve swapped out bad habits for good ones?

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