February 1, 2017

Do you love fairies? Do you and your family want to invite them into your home? Some people start out with an adorable fairy door on a wall, then add a butterfly and some footprints. Soon, they are sprinkled with fairy dust and contemplate making a fairy village—with houses, walkways, plants, benches, rivers, bridges, and ponds. The cost can rise quickly if you buy all these items. Why not try making some of your own?

This video shows you how to make an adorable fairy house out of two glass jars. Using aluminum foil to build out the roof on the lid of the jar, you then cover the entire jar in white air-dry clay, shaping the clay so it looks like stone and wood. Water colors do the rest to make an inexpensive house for your fairy garden. The video moves quickly, but it provides a general idea of the steps to follow, and you can always pause it to check out specifics as you go along.

Another option is to look around the house for items for your fairyland. Incorporate small stones for garden paths, and use an old flower pot, even if broken, to add elevation to your village.

As demonstrated in the video, aluminum foil can be used in a variety of ways. Going small, use aluminum foil to shape a small mushroom, cover it with white air-dry clay, and paint it red with white spots! You can also make stones with the clay. I have tried different ways of making a river and I think I am going to try placing the foil down in the sand and pushing in some clay. Then I can paint it with blue and brown paint to get the desired effect.

If you want to incorporate small fairy elements indoors, check out these step by step instructions for building a beautiful miniature garden in a teacup on the website, Instructables. The instructions include tips for building ladders, a fence, and even a bench using bamboo skewers.

Add small ferns, mosses, small cacti, and succulents to decorate your miniature fairy village. For an outside village you can use bigger plants, but remember that real ones do need watering.

I’d love to hear your DIY fairy village ideas and tips!