October 10, 2017

Everywhere you look, people are using Mason jars to drink lattes, layer salads, and create decadent desserts. Mason jars are both durable and affordable, plus nearly everyone has a few jars—or even a case or two–in their pantry, attic, or garage. Once you’ve used the jars for your coffee, salad, or chocolate mocha trifle, here are some more ways to try them.

Memory Displays

Do you want to display seashells you collected from a recent trip to the beach? Perhaps you want to keep a few of your son’s Lego characters once he outgrows them. Mason jars are an easy way to store and display mementoes from vacations or special times with your children.

Easy Storage Solution

I use Mason jars to store just about everything in my home. We use the larger size in the kitchen to store cornstarch, lentils, chocolate chips, and popcorn kernels. I use the smaller size in my office to organize paper clips, thumb tacks, binder clips, and elastic bands. My husband has even borrowed a few to use in the basement to keep nails, screws, nuts, and bolts organized by size.

Air Freshener

Add orange peels, cinnamon sticks, cloves, fir branches, and pine cones to a Mason jar and it will scent your home naturally. Just be sure to make holes in the lid to allow the scent to escape. In the summer months, you can add rose petals, lemon peels, and a few sprigs of rosemary. Or use a Mason jar for a flower vase and display cut flowers from your garden.

Soap Dispenser

We keep liquid hand soap on both the bathroom and kitchen sinks for easy cleanup. Liquid soap makes so much less mess than bar soap. I empty the liquid soap into a Mason jar and use a special dispenser pump (you can find them online) so our soap dispensers match our decor.

Tea light Candle Holder

We love tea light candles but rarely have a tea light candle holder readily available. For an easy solution, place some gravel or sand in the bottom of a Mason jar and place a tea light on it. It will burn safely in the jar and give off a soft glow.

How do you use your extra Mason jars?