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Could That Really Happen? 6 Videos Question the Movies

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April 21, 2015

I shared one of my favorite YouTube amusements, Honest Trailers, with you awhile back. Screen Junkies, the masterminds behind those videos, have another awesome set of videos that study the truth behind action and Sci-Fi movies.

Their Honest Action segments look at just how far action movies stretch the truth regarding their heroes. In Screen Junkies’ words, “We asked an actual doctor to analyze action movies and tell us what would really happen to your favorite action heros.” The results aren’t necessarily pretty.

It’s almost legendary at this point that Bruce Willis remains un-killable. Check out how many times he should have died in Die Hard.

If that’s not enough, poor John has a lot more pain in store in Die Hard 2, 4, and 5.

If you think this kind of action is only for grown-ups, take a trip back to childhood and see just how brutal Kevin was on the “Wet Bandits” in this Home Alone Honest Action.

Action movies are the only genre that got the Screen Junkie treatment. They also take on Sci-Fi movies that claim huge scientific leaps or in their words, “There’s a lot of science up in there!”

Interstellar works hard to sound research based and plausible. But will it fly with an actual scientist? Hint, he tells us, “There’s some real science in there that seems crazy but is actually true, right up alongside some real science fiction.” You’ll be surprised to hear what this scientist thinks, not to mention laugh at some of their banter!

Now, no one is trying to convince us that Guardians of the Galaxy can stand up scientifically, but Screen Junkies has fun poking at the science the makers threw around. Get the answers to burning questions like: “How long would it take me, as a Guardian of the Galaxy, to patrol? Let’s say I had to do my nightly rounds.” “Could there be an alien tree?” Or “How far are we from making a talking raccoon?”

If you’re not “scienced” out check out their exploration of time travel via Delorian, Time Circuits, or some sort of Groundhog Day loop like in Edge of Tomorrow. “The trend now seems to be to reset and go fix clear writing mistakes by having, in a franchise, a time travel one where you can go back and reset everything.” Who knows where it’s going to take us?!

As a bonus, I give you this quote that has nothing to do with time travel: SJ- “I shouldn’t be, but I’m somewhat surprise that you’re such a nerd.” Scientist- “I’m a scientist. It goes with the territory.”


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