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Enter For a Chance to Win Tickets to O You! From The Clorox Lounge #CloroxLounge

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September 6, 2012

Want to live your best life? Want to win tickets to O You!? Of course you do! And Clorox is giving you a chance you that.

Head on over to to start earning sweepstakes entries by playing games like Potty Pairs and In the Can! You’ll be eligible to win a grand prize of a round trip airfare to Los Angeles, California, 2 nights hotel accommodations, airport transfers and admission to O You for you and a friend.  Plus 10 members will also have a chance to win a Kindle Fire!

So what is the O You! Conference?

You’ve read the magazine, now join O, the Oprah Magazine for a day dedicated to you and living your best life! On October 20, 2012, O will take over the Los Angeles Convention Center at L.A. Live, located in downtown Los Angeles. Join all of your O Magazine favorites, including Gayle King, Suze Orman, Martha Beck, Peter Walsh and more, for a truly memorable day of learning, inspiration and fun!

Want to start living your best life now? Here are a few questions to consider as you prepare for an incredible day dedicated to YOU!

  • Who are you meant to be? Are you focused on your passions, dreams and goals?
  • What’s holding you back? Are there obstacles preventing you from living your best life?
  • How do you want to be seen? What qualities make you you, and how can you best express yourself to the world?
  • How are you living your best life every day? Think about your health, your spirit, your body, your style…even your finances!

Our SocialMoms members have weighed in and here’s how they are living their best life:

  • The Busy Woman’s Guide to Surviving Motherhood encourages you to find your passions. “To me, living your best life means living a life that is full of things you are passionate about and achieving the goals you have set for yourself. Often times moms tend to fill their lives with the things their children and even their husband are passionate about, and not what they are interested in. While it is fine for your passions and hobbies to evolve as new people enter your lives (by marriage or birth), it’s important to make the distinction between things you can enjoy or tolerate and things that you actually look forward to doing.”
  • Young at Heart Mommy feels happiness is the key. “I have always believed that in order to live a healthy fulfilling life, there is one thing that cannot be jeopardized. It’s the one thing that you can’t buy but you can always obtain, happiness. To me happiness is not only the key to success but it is also the fuel that keeps us motivated and in our best spirits.”
  • And The Suburban Jungle says that your health is the most important thing. “Focusing on Health is the key to happiness and fulfillment in life. But when I say health, I don’t just mean physical health. You need to sit down and take a hard look at all aspects of your health – spiritual, mental, emotional, financial, social, and physical.”

And of course, we at SocialMoms want to know …  How do you live your best life and encourage your family to live their best life? Comment below for a chance to win a $100 Amazon gift card. (See Official Rules)

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