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Skin Tone: Choosing the Right Color Clothing

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June 11, 2021

As we all know, looking great is not just a matter of putting on a new outfit. Did you know that choosing the right color clothing can make a difference between looking vibrant and glowing – or looking washed out and tried? Your skin tone makes all the difference and wearing the right color can even take years off your appearance, project a more professional image and just make you feel better.

Nor sure about your skin tone? Look (or ask a friend to look) at your skin in natural daylight to see if you are “cool” or “warm” toned.

Cool Tones

Cool people have pink or rosy skin tone. It can be brown with a reddish or blue undertone or pale with pink undertones. Their skin often has rosy cheeks and shows blue veins more easily than warm-toned people. Their eyes can be very dark brown, dark blue, grey blue or hazel and their natural hair color is often blue-ish black, dark brown, medium ash brown, or golden blonde.  To further narrow it down, there are “summer cools” (think Reese Witherspoon) and “winter cools” (think Anne Hathaway, Kim Kardashian).

People with cool tones look best in blue-based colored clothing like a vivid raspberry, a deep emerald green, a royal blue, a sapphire blue and a pure black. For softer tones, they can wear rose based pinks, aqua blue-greens, pure whites, soft whites and lemon yellows.

Warm Tones

Warm-toned people have a more golden or apricot complexion. Skin can be brown, medium or pale but all will have gold( or peach) undertones. Veins look a bit more greenish than blue.  Natural hair color ranges from golden blonde, reddish brown, strawberry, red to black. Eyes tend to be amber, golden brown, hazel or green.  (Think Jennifer Lopez  Cameron Diaz, Naomi Campbell)

People with warm tones glow when wearing bronzes, camels, mochas, sage greens, mango oranges and burnt oranges. They also look great in greens in the shade of moss, olive and jade. In summer, they can add lime or celery greens and ivory or oyster whites.

Of course, there are exceptions to everything and some people go against the “rules” because they know they look better in certain colors. There are also people with neutral skin tone that look good in virtually any color.

If you are not sure how you look in a certain color, asking a family member or friend for an honest opinion. And you probably knew the answer already before questioning them anyway. Go with your instinct.  The key for either skin tone type is to wear a variety of colors that enhance and flatter your skin tone, make your eyes and skin glow and make you feel amazing!

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