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Chewy or Crispy? How Do You Like Your Chocolate Chip Cookies

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March 1, 2013

The Big Debate

Are chocolate chip cookies better crispy or chewy? I personally like them chewy with crispy edges. I made chocolate chip cookies on two separate occasions recently – using the same recipe (the Tollhouse recipe on the Hershey’s chocolate chip package – I add walnuts or pecans) and ingredients. The first time I baked them, the cookies turned out perfectly chewy with the crispy edges. The second time I made a batch, they came out hard and crispy. In my search to find out what I did wrong, I found a wealth of information on the Internet. My favorite was this article.

Things That Impact Your Cookies

  • Old baking soda or baking powder can effect how your cookies turn out. This is the one ingredient that should be tossed after the expiration date. And don’t use the baking soda in the corner of your refrigerator.
  • Obviously, the oven temp and length of baking is important. Leaving them on the pan will continue to cook them and placing them on a wire rack will make them crispier.

Make Your Cookie Crispy

  • Melt the butter before creaming it. The oil tends to leak out around the edges faster, thereby causing the cookies to be crispier.
  • Cook them longer than the recipe calls for and then leave on the pan for a couple minutes so they will cook even longer.
  • Bake at a higher temperature.
  • Keep them out on an uncovered plate.

Make Your Cookie Chewy

  • Shortening will make the cookies softer, but butter is for taste. They make a butter flavored shortening, but using half butter, half shortening will make the cookies chewier while maintaining the flavor. I recommend you never use oil in replacement for the butter or shortening.
  • Undercook the cookies. Take them out of the oven while they are still domed but still showing a few signs of browning. Remove them from the pan as soon as you are able.
  • Cook them at a lower temperature.
  • Do not melt the butter. Use only softened butter. Make sure the butter and sugars are creamed very well. Uses a wire whisk if you have one and switch to a paddle to mix in the flour. Don’t overheat the dry ingredients. Some say you mix in the chips and nuts before the dry ingredients so that you don’t over mix.
  • Place the cooled cookies in a container and remove them only when ready to eat.

Give us your vote on crispy vs. chewy along with your tips on how to get the perfect cookie every time.

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