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Celebrate Mother’s Day with Mother Earth

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May 8, 2012

Mother’s Day is the day to celebrate all the wonderful mothers in your life. Whether it is your biological mother, or the woman in your life that’s been there for you through thick and thin, Mother’s Day is the day to celebrate these amazing women in your life. Mother Earth is another mother that you won’t want to forget. The good news is you can celebrate all the moms while showing Mother Earth a little love in the process.

Many mothers will receive a beautiful bouquet of flowers at their work or home this Mother’s Day. These flowers are beautiful, but will die off in a few days. Instead of opting for a traditional bouquet, purchase a plantable bush, tree, or flower for your mother instead. One of the best Mother’s Day gifts I ever received was a beautiful red rose bush. I’ve had the bush for three years and it still blooms annually. It’s a reminder of Mother’s Day past, and contributes to my garden each and every year. The bouquets I used to receive were great, but my rose bushes keep on giving.

The added benefit of a plantable gift is that you can plant it together, making wonderful memories of the holiday. And if you continue the tradition each year with a new type of plant, you’ll soon have a beautiful garden. You may even consider making a “Mother’s Day Garden” in one section of your yard. This area can be reserved for these plants, making a gorgeous tribute to your motherhood.

Another fantastic gift for a mother who loves to garden is a account. Plantjotter is an online garden journal that allows you to keep centralized and integrated records of gardening efforts – including journal entries, task calendar, plant lists, photos and other files. Supporting the site is a plant database, a general maintenance calendar and plant care for over 145 perennial plants. This is the perfect resource for planning your dream garden.

You can also opt for an eco-friendly garden accent. has a ton of great eco-friendly gardening accent options. From lanterns, thermometers, and bird feeds, there are lots of different eco-friendly gardening accents that any mother would love. I personally love the sundial and bird bath combos they offer. They look beautiful in any garden and can draw in some wonderful bird watching opportunities.

This Mother’s Day give all the women in your life a gift that both they and Mother Earth will love. What eco-friendly gifts have you received for Mother’s Day in the past?

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