Career Mom: Maternity Clothes for the Working Woman

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March 28, 2012

Pregnancy can be one of the most amazing experiences a woman goes through. Unfortunately, it can have the opposite effect on her wardrobe. If she isn’t careful, she can be subjected to outdated, oversized maternity clothes that do not complement her body. Just because a woman is expecting a baby does not mean she has to compromise her sense of style and poise in the workplace. Since today’s fashion translates into many different cultures, sizes, body types and life stages, women do not have to sacrifice their maternity clothing choices for motherhood.

Shawl-Collar, Tie-Front Cardigan

It doesn’t matter how far along she is, a shawl-collar, tie-front cardigan will make her look sophisticated and demure. Its shawl-collar provides a slimming effect as it elongates the neck, drawing more attention to the top part of the body. This slightly-fitted maternity cardigan hits below the waist allowing women to feel comfortable. Mothers-to-be can feel secure and attractive in the workplace, while wearing this classic piece with a twist.

Knee-Length Skirts

Many women cover their legs when they are expecting because they cannot find skirts that fit them. Others complain about how their legs look in above-the-knee maternity skirts. Pregnant women in the workplace should feel free to express their femininity by wearing the clothing of their choice. While many stick to pants, maternity knee-length skirts look the most flattering. Fun prints or designs can also add style to these skirts.

Maxi Dresses

Bohemian-style maxi dresses are great options for women who are sporting baby bumps in the summertime. They are stylish, comfortable, and versatile. You can dress up these flowing outfits with fitted blazers, or dress them down with sandals and bangles.


Like cardigans, maternity tunics are very popular among women because of their flattering designs. These garments come in a variety of colors and prints to suit pregnant women’s respective work environments. They are also loose around the abdomen, providing comfort for the stomach area.


The right accessories encourage women to feel confident in their own skin. Pregnant women in the workplace can also use fun accessories to make fashion statements. For example, for a bohemian-style, she can use trendy ponchos and shawls. To draw attention away from her stomach, she can wear bold accessories around her neckline, such as a necklace with large, bold gems or a scarf hanging around the neck. Halter-type necklines and bolero jackets are also flattering as they accentuate the shoulders and bust line.

With a few new maternity wardrobe additions, women can feel strong and secure in the workplace as they go through one of the most important phases of their lives. As fashion has evolved over the decades, pregnant women can choose from a variety of clothing choices while continuing to be power players. Depending on the speed of their post-pregnancy weight loss, they can still use the same maternity clothes as they did throughout their pregnancy.

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