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Bring the Green Inside this Spring

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March 16, 2017

This time of year is all about green with the arrival of spring—and St. Patrick’s Day, too. It’s the perfect time of year to brighten your home by bringing in elements of green. Not only is green a relaxing color, it pairs well with all neutrals and looks lovely—and more summery—with blues, corals, and whites.

Add Green With Plants

It doesn’t matter if you have a green thumb. Many plants are low maintenance. Having them around your living area helps keep the air clean, brings nature indoors, and has the added therapeutic benefit of being peaceful and relaxing. Plants can spruce up empty room corners or hang in baskets. They look great on shelves or tables mixed in with vases, books, and knick-knacks. Create a table arrangement of a few succulents mixed with colorful bowls and vases.

Paint a Green Wall

If your walls have been the same color for years and years (or if don’t want to take on the huge project of repainting them all), consider painting one accent wall a peaceful calming green, or a fun, vibrant green. It’s sure to brighten up the room.

Go With Green Accents

A few new pieces can turn a room from drab to fab. Go big with green accents: a large green bowl in the middle of the dining room table, a stunning image of greenery hung on the wall, a set of mixed green throw pillows on the couch, a green and blue area rug, or a set of green or multi-pattern dishes are just a few ways to add accent pieces in pretty shades.

Show Your Green Side

Why be boring and hum drum? Add an eclectic mix of green to a white or beige room. Opt for forest green, neon green, olive green, or even chartreuse. Greens mixed with blues are very coastal chic. Greens with browns are elegant and calming. Bright greens are youthful and fun. It’s all about color and showing your personal style and flare!

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