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Breyer’s Ice Cream Drops “All Natural” Labels

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February 8, 2013

Breyer’s ice cream and marketing team has long maintained it’s standing as one of the few “all natural” ice creams available to the masses. They proudly touted an ingredient’s label that only contained a few ingredients such as cream, sugar, and eggs. However, that is all swiftly changing.  The Breyer’s brand will no longer be able to claim it’s all natural standing. In fact, they have changed their design so much that the product cannot even be called ice cream anymore.

Frozen Dairy Dessert

The new and “improved” Breyer’s now contains dozens of ingredients including corn syrup, carrageenen, and diglicerides. There are so many added ingredients in the new Breyer’s that the FDA will not allow it to even be called ice cream. The appropriate term is now “frozen dairy dessert”. That’s right … Breyer’s is no longer making ice cream. They are making frozen dairy desserts. Under federal law, to be called “ice cream”, a product must meet a certain standard of identity, which in this case requires that there be at least 10% milk fat in the product. That generally would come from the cream in the product. If the product does not meet the federal “recipe” for ice cream, it has to be called something else. Breyer’s has opted for the term frozen dairy dessert.

Why The Change in Ingredients? has an awesome side by side ingredients list and carton cover to take a look at. They outline the changes in the terms used as well as the ingredients lists. One major change in recipe is the amount of milk in the product. The old real ice cream product has milk and cream as the first two ingredients. The new version has cream listed as fourth. Breyer’s is insisting that the changes in recipe took place because consumers wanted a smoother texture and lower fat that natural ice cream did not provide. They claim lower fat content and enhanced taste with the new product. However, the truth is that the changes most likely took place for cost reasons. Breyer’s ice cream was competing with other cheaper frozen dairy desserts. With less cream and milk being utilized it will cut cost of production significantly. Was this a move to better “taste” or to cost savings? I believe it is the later.

What About the Old Recipe?

However, all is not lost for the all natural Breyer’s ice cream lovers. Breyer’s will maintain a selection of natural ice creams that will come at a premium price. The flavors will include chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry. There are also a few other organic and natural brands left on the market. The key is to look at the ingredients list if you want the real deal. Look to see that the product is labeled “ice cream” instead of another similar sounding name, and check the ingredients label. You would want to see cream and milk topping the list in a natural ice cream product.

What do you think of this change? Will it prevent you from purchasing Breyer’s or do you welcome the new frozen dairy dessert line?

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