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Bento Box Ideas: Hard Boiled Eggs

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August 6, 2012

Bento boxes are a great way to offer your child a healthy meal while providing a fun lunch any child would love to bring to school. I promise your child’s health-conscience food will be the talk of the lunch room by utilizing a few of these fun tips.

Hard boiled eggs are a great addition to your bento box meal. Eggs are packed with protein, are low in calories, and they’re packed with choline. Choline is vital to overall health specifically for brain health. What better way to send your child to school than with a meal jam packed with foods good for the brain?

Tossing a hard boiled egg into a lunch pail may not make it that appealing to a child. Here are some tips to making the hard boiled egg exciting and fun.

Hard Boiled Egg Mice

Turning your hard boiled egg into a cute character is a sure fire way of making the hard boiled egg approachable by children. And, lucky for us busy moms, it takes very little time.

Simply cut your hard boiled egg in half lengthwise. You will now have two long egg halves. Each of these halves will be turned into our mice. Place the halves yolk visible side down for a little white mouse body. Take a green onion and cut off one of the green ends. This will be your mouse tail. Next take any colorful veggie (such as bell peppers, radishes, or apples) and cut them into small triangles or half circles and place then on top for ears.

Hard Boiled Egg Boats

If mice aren’t your thing, what about sailboats? Sailboats are super easy to make out of hard boiled eggs and look incredibly cute. Make your favorite deviled-egg recipe and then place a triangle shaped tortilla chip in the center of the yolk mix. The tortilla chip is an instant sailboat sail.

If you want to make the hard boiled egg a full meal you can stuff the center of the egg with tuna salad, chicken salad, or salmon salad for extra oomph.

Hard Boiled Egg Molds

Another quick way to turn a hard boiled egg into a peice of art is by using egg molds. I purchased these molds from Amazon and they have been incredibly easy to use.

To use a hard boiled egg mold you will boil your eggs and peel them before they cool. It is a little harder to peel when they are not cooled but you will get the hang of it. Then place the warm egg into the mold and close. Store in the refrigerator until they cool and remove. You will now have a cute little hard boiled egg character for your child’s lunch.

These are just a few ways to make hard boiled eggs part of your bento box regime. What ways do you make hard boiled eggs exciting?

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