Beauty Oils. Friend or Foe?

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January 30, 2014

It seems like most of us are trying to get rid of the oil on our face.  Between cleansers, blotting papers, serums and lotions there are numerous tools to keep the grease and shine off our face. So why are we suddenly trying to put it back on?  Do beauty oils really work?  What are the benefits?  We have the breakdown on the latest trend in skincare.

The What

A worthy beauty oil is made up of good fat.  Think Omega fatty acids.  A beauty oil quickly absorbs into the skin without leaving a shine behind.  Unlike a water-based cream or lotion, beauty oils don’t require any artificial ingredients.  Made purely from nuts and seeds like almonds, jojoba, meadow foam, argan, or apricot they work naturally and fast as great anti-agers, skin soothers and even help with breakouts. If a beauty oil treatment contains mineral oil, a drying agent, then don’t use it.  It will do the opposite of what you want it to do.

The Who

Beauty oils help brighten the skin, cleanse, boost moisture, fight aging, bring out natural radiance and fight oil. Yes, we want all those things.  Brands like Josie Maran, a green argan oil line, offers a variety of options to suit various skincare needs. It is important to find oil made from grapeseed or even cold-pressed olive oil for super dry skin.  Kate Somerville’s Dilo oil firm’s skin while a beauty oil with marula nut soothes irritated skin.  Rosehip seeds provide an oil that eases discoloration, even if the scars or red marks are years old.

The When & How

Still not convinced that these little miracle beauty oils are for you?  What if we told you that they can be used any time day or night? Depending on the skincare need there is definitely an oil for it and a perfect time to maximize its effectiveness.   A cleansing beauty oil can be a great way to start the day showing off dewy, radiant skin and an excellent set-up for makeup.  At night it gives skin what it needs to replenish and repair skin. Same things go for a beauty oil used for moisturizing.  Anti-aging oils like the Algenist Advanced Anti-Aging oil work best at the end of the day. Use brightening oils, radiance boosters and oils that fight unbalanced sebum oils should be used first thing in the morning.

Added Benefits

Beauty oils are often loaded with aromatherapy oils that help calm and lift your mood.  Blend them with a body moisturizer for an added kick.  Use them on your hair for shine and silkier strands.  Beauty oils can also help with dry cuticles and nails without destroying a manicure.

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