Autumn Gardening Tips For Frugal Families

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September 18, 2013

Fall is the perfect time to make some headway with your gardening.  The best part of fall gardening is the ability to save money. Most people attempt to plant their gardens, shrubs, trees and lawns in the spring. However, the fall may actually be a more ideal time to do so. Fall gardens do not face harsh summer droughts and though they may be in for a harsh winter, frost and snow help protect baby seedlings, making fall the perfect time to garden for spring.

Big Discounts

Many gardening centers are starting to make room for pumpkins and Christmas trees. Therefore, they start liquidating their stocks of shrubs, trees and other perennials. This means deep discounts and the opportunity to negotiate. If you are planning to purchase in large quantities speak with the local nursery owner. They may be willing to slash prices heavily to move their stock quickly. If you want to purchase in bulk, always ask about discounts. This works best at local nurseries and not large box stores like Wal-Mart.

Most lawn supplies such as gardening tools and even large gardening equipment such as lawn mowers are on sale now. With grass growth and most gardeners giving it a rest, these tools can be found at bottom dollar prices.

What to Plant?

Seeds, seedlings and full-grown plants can be planted now and thrive. The soil should be nice and warm from the summer months making it perfect for seeds and seedlings to thrive. They will start to form their roots securely before winter hits making it an ideal time to plant in September. These seedlings will get a protective coat of frost and snow during the winter (don’t rake up those leaves!) to help them survive. States with sometimes harsh summers should really consider fall planting instead of spring. The seedlings have a better chance of surviving the winter than a harsh summer.

Early Spring Blooms

Another benefit of planting in the fall is the earlier blooming of flowers, shrubs and plants in the spring. Since these plants took root early in the fall they will bloom as soon as they get the chance in the fall.

Save Money on Fruits and Veggies

Growing your own garden can save you money on fresh fruits and veggies. Fresh herbs, fruits and vegetables can be pricey at times. Having your own herb garden or vegetable garden can mean an abundance of fresh food through the spring, summer and fall depending on your climate.

Fall gardening is a fantastic way to enjoy the weather and prepare your garden for a successful year.

Do you plant in the fall or spring?

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