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What Athletic Moms Really Want for Mother’s Day

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May 11, 2012

For the athletic moms, who are willing to give up their valuable free time for the sake of a workout, you probably have specific needs and wants on Mother’s Day.  Some of you may want to take a day off and hit the day spa for a massage and relaxing facial. Some of you may want to head out for a special dinner and date night with your husband. Some of you may want a shopping spree for new gear and clothing. Truthfully, I’d take the shopping spree any day of the week, however, that does not always fit in with the family budget. Here are some ideas that are perhaps a little more reasonable (just print out and hand to your husband!)

Whether your choice of sport is Zumba, CrossFit or Aerobics – we all get really excited for new workout gear, bags, shoes and accessories that are good for our sport/hobby. The following is a list of high quality workout gear or clothes that an athletic mom would love for Mother’s Day.

First and foremost, is the sexiest workout/all day bag I’ve seen yet.  It’s pink and satiny and would fit three pairs of shoes, a laptop, a yoga mat and extra clothes.  Check out this “Bliss” bag from Lululemon.

Sparkly jewels for Mother’s Day are always a hit with the moms I know.  Bronwen Online has been featured in Title IX, Athleta, Jans Outfitting, and Sundance stores, and has some amazing handcrafted jewelry designed for us adventurous types. The jewelry, inspired by motion, is perfect for any mom who considers her style “Adventure Chic” or “Gypset”. I particularly recommend the simple and sexy Amazon earrings.

Of course, there is nothing better than a relaxing massage that comes with pre arranged childcare.  I little TLC goes a long way with moms.

Manduka yoga mats are the premium yoga mat that all yogis love.  Its super thick, non-slip surface can get you into, and out of, the hardest yoga poses. These mats are the most coveted of yoga mats and last for years. A must for any mom who loves to do yoga.

Finally, if your family members are brave enough to walk into a workout gear shop for women, we love new crops, tanks and fitted jackets.  Those of us who really love our workout gear can be caught wearing them all day – especially if we know we look good in them. A new outfit is a perfect way to show off that new muscle tone.

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