7 Kitchen Hacks: Different Ways of Looking at Your Kitchen Utensils

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July 8, 2016

Have you ever tried to tackle a recipe or host a party, only to find you don’t have the tools necessary to do the job? Perhaps you need a strawberry huller or glasses with lids, to keep the bugs out of your drink at an outside BBQ. Here are some kitchen hacks that will help you out in a pinch.

Straws to the Rescue

Straws have multiple uses! If you need to hull a strawberry, use a straw. Just punch thru the bottom and thru the stem and it will come right out and the strawberry will still be whole. You can also use a straw it to pit cherries. Simply place a cherry upside down over the top of a bottle and push the straw through. The pit will fall into the bottle and your cherry will stay whole, just like a strawberry.

Liners to Keep the Mosquitos Away

You decide to host an outdoor cocktail party on the porch but need to keep out the pesky mosquitos or other flying insects. Use a cupcake liner inverted over the top of your glass and punch a straw through it. Set up several of these ahead of time for guests to use.

Heavy Cookware 

Another item to keep on hand is a frying or heavy pan. You can use it for pounding meat flat, smashing potatoes and even garlic. Try using a frying pan to cook spaghetti. Lay the amount you need in the pan and add cold water just to cover. Starting spaghetti in cold water will keep it from sticking and using a frying pan will take less time because there is less water and it will boil faster.

Bundt Pans & Shucking Corn

Want to shuck corn the easy way? Cut off the end with the stem. Stand the corn upright on the flat end and grab it by the top and remove it from the leaves by gently tugging on them. The corn slides right out the cut end. And if you want to get the corn off the cob, use a bundt pan as an easy way to separate the two.

Scooping out Seeds

Remove the seeds from squash or pumpkins using an ice cream scooper. Just make sure the edges are sharp enough to cut through the gooey stuff.

Break Out the Waffle Iron

Your waffle iron doesn’t just have to make waffles. You can try cooking hash browns, cinnamon rolls, or even eggs. Just use a fork to whisk the eggs in a bowl and pour onto the hot waffle iron.

Dental Floss Knife

Dental floss can be used to cut soft cheese, cakes and other soft foods. Make sure to use one that isn’t waxed with peppermint flavor!

What kitchen hacks have you found?

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