7 Fitness Apps to Make Your Summer Sizzle

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June 9, 2016

Summer time has us on the go. From poolside to beach and mini getaways in-between, the summer months are busy. Don’t put aside your personal fitness quests or think that time away from the gym means months of being idle. With just a tap on your phone you can resume your fitness regime or find a new workout routine. We’ve got the latest fitness apps guaranteed to get your heart pumping.

1. Sworkit is for us busy folks, which I think encompasses a majority of the population these days, especially women. Sworkit offers a variety of workouts in timely increments that anyone can fit into their schedule. Choose from five minutes to 60-minute workouts and no equipment is needed. You can also pick the exercise style you want (cardio, strength, etc) and set up a customized schedule to keep you on track.

2. Full Fitness equals full immersion. Whether you want to try something new or take your workouts to the next level, this app gives you full descriptions of each workout. Nothing is hidden so starting a workout and realizing it is too complicated won’t sidetrack and discourage you.

3. Strava is designed for runners and cyclers alike. Strava keeps track of runs and rides measuring points like distance, calories, elevation and speed as well as power, your cadence and even your heart rate during your training. Easy to read graphics help you monitor your progress and push you further. It is ideal for new competitors in both categories.

4. Couch to 5k (also known as C25K) inspires you to get up and running. Detailed training plans get even the novice runner on their feet and down the running path through a refined program that really works. Beginner power walks and jogs help you gain confidence and by the end you are running a 5K.

5. Daily Yoga offers over 50 classes set in gorgeous HD video with sessions that focus on weight loss, strength, and flexibility so you can choose based on what you need or feel that day.  It is a good way to ease back into a fitness routine post-injury or begin a new one.

6. FIT Radio is all about the tunes. For some of us that are all we need to get rockin and into our workout whether it is on the elliptical or lifting free weights or taking a class with our own motivational symphony urging us on. Fit Radio has got you covered. Free for iOS and Android ,the high energy playlists are new every day with loads of genres and stations.

7. Blogilates dishes up healthy recipes, workouts and challenges to PoPsters (pop-pilates fans) by YouTube sensation Cassey Ho. Offering challenges and the ability to “train like a beast and look like a beauty” you can customize a workout calendar and focus on your burn.

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